FT Innovate 2013
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    The most respected independent resource for HR Directors and Senior HR Practitioners – in print, in person and online.

In print: Our monthly flagship publication delivers informative, strategic content, that is both unbiased and independent and of unparalleled editorial quality.

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And online: Our website and social media platforms provide reactive and instant strategic HR content.
  The Innovation Leadership Forum (ILF) is a visionary and original Think(and Do) Tank dedicated to helping organisations understand and improvetheir innovation performance.
    The Leading Edge Only web platform connects major organisation seeking new innovation to companies that have the latest leading edge technologies, globally. We provide a platform for major corporations to promote their commitment to innovation and find new solutions by accessing over 200,000 innovation providers through our unique Innovation Search programme.
    Since 2005 Outsource has delivered thought-leadership and strategic input to senior outsourcing professionals. Outsource highlights valuable news, expert views and analysis alongside in-depth coverage of important events and trends. Additionally, Outsource interviews both high-profile industry figures and unsung heroes, and secures commentary from our worldwide network of peer-respected thought-leaders including voices from our key partners including the NOA, ACCA, SIG, SSON and more. This gives us an unparalleled perspective on outsourcing across sectors, verticals and geographies.

Please do join our 50,000 strong audience in continuing the great thought-leadership debates raging in Outsourcing.

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  Leaders League is a leading French media and consulting group specialized in Strategy, Finance, Law. Each month, we track trends and strategies in the world to deliver economics information for decision making to more than 16 000 international leaders. Décideurs - Stratégie Finance Droit is a monthly magazine and a reference for CEOs, senior managers and key decision-makers in finance and law. In addition to its monthly magazine, we edit a collectionof Intelligence Report & Directory Series which provides in-depth analysis and exclusive rankings to the leading market players worldwide.