ICRI 2012



Poster Instructions for ICRI 2012:


Please respect the following instructions indicated below:


  • Each Poster Stand must be staffed during the Poster Session on Wednesday 21 March 2012 from 18.00 – 19.30. Furthermore, we recommend that all Poster Stands are staffed during the Conference as needed, for example during coffee breaks.
  • Hanging of posters must be done before the start of the Conference on Wednesday 21 March 2012 between 09.00 and 13.00 at the venue Bella Center. Due to venue constraints, it is not possible for posters to be hung outside the time slot allocated. Please note that hanging of posters are expected to be carried out by the exhibitors themselves.
  • Information on poster location will at the latest be given when registering at the Conference venue.
  • Please adhere to the Poster Stand size allotted to each exhibitor : 243 x 200 centimetres (height x width). It is recommended not to fill out the allotted space completely but to leave an empty margin around your poster giving the full Poster Session a more harmonious impression.
  • There are no printing services offered at the venue Bella Center.
  • For any storage needs, please contact ICRI 2012 Secretariat on-site.
  • Spot lights will be pre installed at each Poster Stand. If a power outlet is needed please contact the ICRI 2012 Secretariat.
  • Any use of AV-equipment is at the exhibitor’s own risk and responsibility. Unfortunately, no technical assistance from the side of the conference organizers can be expected.
  • Posters can be attached to the stands with double sided tape or Poster Putty/Blu-Tack. This can be acquired from the ICRI 2012 Secretariat on-site. Velcro solutions are not preferred as they tend to damage the stands.


Please note that the exhibition hall at ICRI 2012 will allow for approx. 70 posters, and it is therefore strongly recommended that exhibitors register as early as possible in order to secure a Poster Stand. However, the conference organizers reserve the right to select posters regardless of when the registration for a poster exhibit was submitted.


Poster stands are offered free of charge.