HIMSS AsiaPac17 Conference & Exhibition


A top priority for every healthcare IT executive is to protect their organization from cybersecurity threats. In this program, industry experts will present key components of an effective cybersecurity strategy and approaches that your organization can take to gain employee support and engagement in combatting cyber threats.

Discuss opportunities to incorporate cybersecurity awareness and risk management, identify key steps in preparing an organization against cybersecurity threats including security frameworks and control measures, define key components of an effective cybersecurity plan and more. 

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First time in Asia! The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) World Summit will bring together healthcare information technology system users and developers to address interoperability issues that impact clinical care.

With 20+ speakers now confirmed, this Summit involves identifying real-world scenarios/use cases, writing and reviewing specifications, implementing in products, monitoring vendor testing, and so on. 

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Nurses, being at the frontline, juggle between delivering the best care to their patients and operating in an information intensive environment – preparing reports, developing care plans and so on. This underpins the need for all nurses to become more knowledgeable about health information concepts and the technology that is designed to manage and process information.

It is crucial that nurses are empowered and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to improve the delivery of healthcare services. This workshop will help them do so.

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