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CMO of the Year Award

The Elsevier Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Award will recognize senior clinical executives who advocate the advancement of patient safety and care quality through information technology. An inaugural category, this award will be part of the HIMSS-Elsevier Award series. 

  • Nominee must be a CMO (or Chief Medical Informatics Officer) currently working in a healthcare institution in APAC with at least 100 beds.
  • The nominee must be a recognized advocate of advancing patient safety and care quality through IT.
Nomination Guidelines:

For each nomination, the following information is requested:
  • A letter from the individual who is submitting the nomination, detailing his/her reasons for the nomination and describing his/her potential contributions to the healthcare community (maximum 300 words).
  • Current CV or short biography of the nominee.
Key Considerations for Nominees:
  • How does the nominee connect with other medical staff leaders, stay abreast of evolving healthcare technology and trends and best practices, and demonstrate a commitment to ongoing development?
  • For example, does the nominee take part in any internal initiatives in addition to those required by his or her leadership post? Does the nominee belong to any external leadership groups?
  • In the past year, what positive impact has the nominee made within his or her institution and/or the greater medical staff leadership community?
  • Has the nominee received any notable recognition for his or her professional contributions (e.g., internal or external awards, grants, press mention)?
Submit your nomination to or

Deadline for submission: 4 August.

Outstanding ICT Achievement Award
  • To recognize outstanding achievement in harnessing ICT to provide significant improvement to patient care and safety.
  • The ICT solution adopted may not be new but it has been effectively used by the awarded hospitals to significantly improve patient care and outcome and/or address major challenges faced by the hospitals.
  • Other limiting factors like the hospital financial background, the niche community that the hospital is serving, the long-standing problem that the target population is facing et cetera will also be taken into consideration.

Submit the completed form to or

Submissions have now closed. Thank you.

Outstanding ICT Innovations Award
  • To recognize the most innovative, creative and "out-of-the-box" ICT solutions used to improve patient care and safety.
  • Innovation can be in the form of leveraging on existing technology to come up with new and creative usage of ICT to significantly enhance patient care and outcome OR developing a ground-breaking technology that leads the way in ICT adoption.

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Submissions have now closed. Thank you.

This year's Award recipients will be honoured at the invite-only HIMSS-Elsevier Awards Dinner.

Award Date and Venue:

Date: Monday, 11 September 2017

Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Venue: Marina Bay Sands (room to be confirmed)