Vogue Knitting LIVE Recap!

New York - January 2016

Vogue Knitting LIVE New York 2016

We’ve packed up and moved out of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square and are back to our normal lives but are feeling an overwhelming sense of THANKS. This year’s event was truly outstanding.Thank you to all who made it happen. We had the highest number of booths ever, more than half of the classes sold out, and our attendance was at an all-time high—with people who traveled from near and far to be there with us. We could not do this without our attendees’ enthusiasm!

Over the weekend our attendees took classes on everything from double knitting to sweater construction to advanced lace. Our talented teachers were endlessly giving of their time and knowledge to those who came to classes or found them in the Marketplace. In the Marketplace, the buzz was loud for new, amazing yarns, carefully curated booths, and all the other goings-on, like the non-stop fashion shows on Saturday, the Extreme Knitting experience on Sunday, the fun to play Yarn Claw, the demonstrations by June Hemmons Hiatt, Hazel Tindall, and Wilma Malcolmson, and more. Friday night we exercised our brains with our first-ever trivia night with Carol Sulcoski, who asked some stumpers from her new book, Knitting Ephemera. Franklin Habit was crowned the winner, beating out a panel of teachers as well as students. On Saturday, after hearing the incredible knitted orchestra of Jobina Tinnemans, we laughed and laughed with Arne & Carlos, who shared with us a glimpse into their charming, funny lives, and got a sneak peek of garments from two upcoming issues of Vogue Knitting.

Special thanks to our generous sponsors, who make so much happen—we are so grateful to them (and they have become amazing friends over the years). Our vendors are a very happy and friendly group of people who are passionate about their products, and our attendees love their offerings. The volunteers who run around the floors of the Marquis for us, thank you so much for being so willing and able. Of course, the teachers deserve thanks as well, for doing as much as they do for their students. Thanks to all of you for your loyalty and your never-ending passion for knitting.

Our next show will be in Pasadena May 13-15, 2016. Let’s all gather under a palm tree and do it all again!