Louise Fisher is a graduate student at Arizona State University.

Louise Fisher is a Phoenix-based artist and MFA candidate in printmaking at Arizona State University. Louise grew up on a farm in her home state of Iowa, where she obtained her BFA degree with honors from the University of Northern Iowa. Since then, she has exhibited her work locally and nationally. Most recently she has been included in the IMPRINT TWO 2018 National Biennial Print Invitational Exhibition in Austin, Texas and the Print, Printed, Printing Exhibition at New Mexico Highlands University.

In her work, Louise explores ideas of ephemerality, energetic transformation and life cycles using time-based mediums such as video and photography as well as the layering and repetitive action of printmaking. Her current body of work focuses on artificial light and its effect on biorhythms. Through research and personal experience, Fisher’s artwork touches scientific and poetic aspects of this issue.