Friday, April 6 -- 3:30pm - 5pm --Bally's, Gold Ballroom


Chair: Masha Ryskin

Panel: Patricia Villalobos Echeverria, Miguel Rivera, Melanie Yazzie


Printmaking as a medium is uniquely positioned to both adapt to shifting landscapes and cultures and to respond swiftly to changes and tensions that arise. This panel focuses on hybrid cultures and on the synthesis of those cultures with one's sense of place, as well as the effect the place has on one's practice. How does being a transplant from another culture change the perception of one’s current landscape? Do we react differently to a landscape that is not originally our own? How does the new space change our cultural or artistic sensibilities? Is our ability to react to the shifts in our surroundings informed by our backgrounds?


This panel builds on the idea of reinvention and transformation of the Las Vegas landscape, both cultural and geographic. We will examine the relationship between multiple cultural viewpoints and the landscape through the lens of the printmaking process.



ABOUT MASHA RYSKIN: Masha Ryskin is a printmaker, painter, and installation artist. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. A political refugee from the Soviet Union, she received a classical education in painting before earning a BFA in printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in painting/mixed media at University of Michigan. Ryskin is also a recipient of numerous grants, including a Fulbright Fellowship to Oslo, Norway and the Rhode Island Fellowship in Printmaking and Drawing. She has collaborated with a number of artists, including Margaret Yuko Kimura, printmaker from Cleveland, OH, and most recently with Serge Marchetta, a mixed-media artist from Montreal. Together, Marchetta and Ryskin have exhibited in the United States, Canada, Norway, and Finland.


ABOUT THE PANEL: Melanie Yazzie is a Professor of Arts Practices, Printmaking, University of Colorado at Boulder. Miguel Rivera is the Printmaking Chair at Kansas City Art Institute. Patricia Villalobos Echeverria is a Professor of Art at Western Michigan University.