Workshops 2019
Thematic Environmental Investing
Capitalising on the low-carbon economy mega-trends 



This workshop for asset owners and consultants will consider how leading institutional investors are aligning their investments with environmental sustainability and climate change targets and seeking to profit from the low carbon energy transition. Research presentations and focused roundtable discussions will assess how environmental investing themes can be integrated into investment research, product design, stewardship, and stakeholder reporting across asset classes. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer learning in a focused setting with a group of global investment leaders in advance of the second annual meeting of the Northern European Partnership For Sustainable Finance in Stockholm. Only asset owners (pension funds, insurance companies, endowments etc.) and their consultants will be invited to participate in these workshops.

Key Themes 

- Assessing and defining an environmental investing strategy 
- Environmental investing for a liveable future: the data on emerging megatrends and the energy transition
- Sector-based strategies in transport and energy
- Related environmental themes and their returns prospects and risk profiles


Defining a thematic environmental investing strategy

Roundtables will consider thematic investing linked to climate change, the circular economy and materials, energy transition, and water security. Presentations will showcase sector and asset-class based strategies that can be tilted towards companies whose products or services are helping to achieve positive environmental impacts and long-term sustainability for the planet. Discussions will assess how investors can use systematic KPIs to quantify the environmental impact of these approaches. Case studies on investor stewardship strategies to shift investee companies to shift towards more environmentally sustainable business practices will be presented.

Environmental investing for a liveable future: the data on emerging megatrends

Participants will consider thematic investing strategies linked to rapid urbanisation, systemic water risk, regenerative food systems and new materials. Discussions will consider long-term capital growth strategies linked to companies around the world that are helping to develop the cities of tomorrow alongside under-recognised opportunities throughout the food system, ranging from regenerative land and agri-food inputs to materials transformation and recycling. New data and analytical tools to support the integration of environmental risk and opportunity scenarios for different sectors and subsectors within existing multi-asset strategies will be discussed. Workshop attendees will be encouraged to share impact metrics to assess and details on portfolio-level reporting for internal and external stakeholders.

Sector-based strategies in transport and energy

Proven clean energy technologies including solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal heating and cooling are being scaled up across all markets, and investors are responding to tectonic shifts in the energy market. Roundtables will consider how to take advantage of global energy sector trends, including in energy storage, both large-scale and distributed, as well as new opportunities for investment in technology and infrastructure. The transition to zero emissions electric vehicle fleets creates opportunities in the value chain in key markets: this includes batteries, charging stations and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and services. As the world looks to Nordic leadership on efficient urban growth, sustainability, clean energy and infrastructure finance, join us to debate and discuss key themes in the future of investing.

Dates and cities

May 13