Workshops 2019

Decarbonising Portfolios

Understanding climate risk and opportunity 


This workshop series for asset owners provides an opportunity for detailed discussion on approaches to decarbonising investment portfolios. 

Research presentations and small roundtable discussions will focus on how greenhouse gas emissions and associated climate risk data is integrated into investment research and strategies, product design, stewardship, and stakeholder reporting by leading investors. 

These workshops offer a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer learning in a focused setting. Only asset owners (pension funds, insurance companies, endowments etc.) and their appointed investment consultants will be invited to participate in these workshops.

Assessing data quality & different approaches to decarbonisation

With new players entering the market for data and services to build low-carbon portfolios, investors have a growing menu of options to choose from. Roundtables will consider different approaches to the measurement of portfolio carbon emissions and the integration of this data into multi-asset investment strategies. Emissions data and other climate risk metrics that can support a robust decarbonisation strategy will be reviewed. Discussions will assess the impact of carbon and climate risk measurement methodologies on asset allocation and portfolio management, and the specific impact of decarbonisation targets on ESG strategies.


Low-carbon index and other 'green' strategies

With the proliferation of low-carbon indices, investors have difficult choices to make in selecting the right product. Workshop participants will consider if investing against low-carbon indices is a cost effective way to shed portfolio carbon risk, and how these index and other “green” strategies are evolving. Discussion will assess how effective the current suite of indices are in changing the cost of capital for high-carbon companies, and how indexes strike a balance between minimising risk and accessing new opportunities. On the fixed income side, green bond indices will be evaluated, with a focus on their precision and transparency over the use of proceeds in an evolving “green economy” sector.

Active approaches to managing carbon and climate risk

Workshop participants will discuss a range of active approaches to portfolio decarbonisation and associated stewardship strategies. Participants will consider climate impact strategies that complement decarbonisation with thematic investments in real assets, including clean energy, transportation, and in energy efficient, climate secure commercial property portfolios.

Workshop Themes

  1. Assessing data quality & different approaches to decarbonisation
  2. Low-carbon index strategies and other “green” strategies
  3. Active approaches to managing carbon and climate risk

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