Workshops 2019

Investing in the UN Sustainable Development Goals: can they drive investment value?

Integration, measurement and reporting 


Responsible Investor Workshops

This workshop series for asset owners provides the opportunity for detailed discussions of how Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) related data is acquired, analysed, and integrated into portfolio strategies and manager selection and monitoring. Research presentations and small roundtable discussions will focus on the integration of SDGs into investment research and strategies, measuring the impact and returns of ESG and SDG-aligned investment products, and examining the societal effects of SDG-focused investment. This  workshop provides a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer learning in a focused setting. Only asset owners (pension funds, insurance companies, endowments etc.) and their appointed investment consultants will be invited to participate in these workshops.

Many Japanese companies are already actively using an SDG framework to enhance sustainable business practices. Government initiatives and business associations are supporting Japanese investors to take action on ESG, SDGs and climate change. However, the terms SDG and ESG are often used interchangeably, regardless of their differences in scope and risk. The workshop aims to help asset owners to untangle the differences between ESG and SDGs and to better understand  the corporates’ active involvement in the SDGs.

This workshop will help investors navigate the options and approaches available to manage ESG and SDG risks, promote best practice and source responsible investment options across markets.

Why consider the SDGs?

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are a democratically agreed-upon vision for the world in 2030 linked to 17 development goals. To achieve the UN SDG Agenda from 2015 - 2030 will require global investments estimated at $90 trillion, with most of this amount expected to come from the private sector. As the SDGs have specific targets they can facilitate the identification of business risk. And, as they have been universally accepted by governments, investors and society can experience the benefits this improved risk management provides. 

Setting the scene

This workshop will begin with a “setting the scene” discussion of the macro and microeconomic effects of achieving or not achieving SDGs and expand further to examine practical aspects of integrating SDGs and impact measurement. 

The  workshop will move onto a panel discussion by leading data providers and asset managers. The panelists will explain the relevance of SDGs to investors, how they think about ESG in the portfolio construction, how they translate SDGs into investment activities. Attendees and sponsors will then discuss practical questions about impact measurement.

Workshop themes

  • Why the SDGs? 
  • Understanding the SDGs
  • Metrics, benchmarking, and public reporting