Workshops 2019

ESG in Emerging Markets

Sustainability oversight and understanding in growth economies



Assessing challenges to ESG integration in emerging markets

Market headwinds are changing: increasing trade tensions, growing concerns over global growth and business cycle peaks, and a surge in political risk all mean that more investors are looking for reliable ESG-aligned emerging market allocations across their fixed income, equity and alternative investment portfolios. This workshop will consider how investors can respond to and integrate the growing volume of ESG data reported on by emerging markets issuers into their investment and stewardship strategies. The challenges of ESG integration with imperfect information on emerging markets companies and sovereigns will be discussed with reference to new case studies.

Stewardship and governance risk in emerging markets

Governance sits at the heart of ESG analysis as a driver of long-term performance and long-term value creation. This presents challenges for responsible investors in emerging markets, given different legal traditions and levels of corporate maturity. With these challenges in mind, roundtable discussions will examine how targeted stewardship at the company, sector and country-level can help to manage governance risk. Participants will draw on case studies to explain how shortcomings in ESG disclosure can signal wider problems, and how an iterative stewardship strategy can inform long-term investment decision-making.

Using ESG integration strategies to outperform in emerging markets

Workshop participants will share views on how ESG engagement strategies can improve company operations, increase competitiveness, and positively impact financial returns. A range of approaches to engaging directly and indirectly with management on governance practices and material environmental and social issues to reduce risks and improve business performance will be presented for critical discussion.

Workshop Themes

  1. Assessing the quality and materiality of ESG disclosures in emerging markets

  2. Stewardship and governance in emerging markets

  3. Assessing ESG risks and opportunities across emerging market asset classes

Dates and cities

Date TBC


October 15