Workshops 2019

ESG in Fixed Income: Paris - 2nd April 2019


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Introduction from Responsible Investor

Hugh Wheelan, Managing Editor, Responsible Investor
08:35Presentation: Assessing French Green Bonds
Elise Calais, Deputy Director of Environmental Responsibility for Economic Actors, Ministry of the Solidarity and Ecology Transition


Presentation: Classifying ESG risks in fixed income portfolios

Niamh Whooley, Senior Vice President, ESG StrategiesPIMCO


Session 1: Classifying ESG risks in fixed income

- What different approaches exist to quantify ESG risks in different fixed income classes
  (ie. sovereigns, corporate, and emerging market bonds)
- How are global investors classifying and rating ESG risk across sectors and geographies?

- How does ESG data shape portfolio construction strategy: what are the benefits and challenges   associated?
- Do investors need more ESG information or better ESG information from
  fixed income managers and how are they getting this?
- How is the identification of ESG risks in fixed income evolving in response to new regulations - what   does the future hold?


Guests change tables


Presentation: ESG integration strategies for global fixed income portfolios

Aela Cozic, ESG AnalystFidelity International  


Session 2: The art and science of ESG integration in global fixed income portfolios

- What are the building blocks for ESG integration in fixed income?
- How can ESG-specific covenants in bond purchase agreements, coordination between bondholders to
promote ESG standards, and other approaches complement third-party ratings?
- Are ESG risk factors useful signals for wider market rules? How can investors assess the quality of this   information and its application at the industry or sector level?
- Does ESG risk analysis vary based on countries or regions?


Networking Break (and guests change tables)


Presentation: The future of engagement for fixed income investors

Foppe-Jan van der Meij, Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income Credit, Actiam 


Session 3: Stewardship opportunities for fixed income investors

- How can fixed income investors influence ESG outcomes and conduct by issuers?
- Why should investors consider stewardship as part of their fixed income ESG strategy?
- Are there reasons to integrate ESG credit risk analysis with portfolio managers' strategy, or is it more   useful as an overlay?
- Can ESG engagement teams drive changed behaviour at issuing companies?


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Presentation: Impact assessment and stakeholder communications for fixed income ESG leaders

Muriel Caton, Managing Director Sustainable Finance Strategy, Vigeo Eiris


Session 4: Impact assessment and client reporting

- Who needs to know what about your fixed income ESG strategy?
- How do reporting expectations vary across jurisdictions?
- Which stakeholders are driving enhanced ESG reporting expectations - asset owners, pension   beneficiaries, regulators, etc - and how can fixed income investors address these different   expectations?
- What new tools are available for benchmarking the impact of ESG strategies and stewardship?


Closing remarks


Networking lunch


La Maison des Centraliens,
8, rue Jean Goujon,
75008 Paris

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