Channel Partner Expo 2016


Questioning for An Early Close
Audience: Front line sales people
All sales professionals know why asking good questions is important but fewer know what questions should be asked. An even smaller number understand phrasing or "how" to ask consultative questions. In this seminar we will discuss asking the right questions and using the right phrasing to improve communication with your customers and reduce sales cycle time.

Plan Prospecting Time in Your Week
Audience: Front line sales people
What do you do when the phone stops ringing? Why do some sales people consistently find new business? The answers are in Prospecting. In this seminar we will examine (1) Making time for Prospecting (2) Best practices when cold calling (3) Converting conversations to appointments (4) Measuring your effectiveness.

Leveraging Social Media to Make Sales
Audience: Front line sales people
Are you leveraging LinkedIn and other social networks to develop leads and increase your sales? If not, your competitors are. Join us as we learn from the nation’s leading social media experts how to sell with social.