Channel Partner Expo 2016

PartnerEmpower Training Certification

In 2016 CPE will offer seminars designed to provide you with the opportunity to re-certify your PartnerEmpower Training status. Re-Certification will require attendance at designated seminars and completion of a related post-event online exam.

Also as in previous years, regular training classes allow you to raise your present Certification status from Associate to Professional or, from Professional to Master will be held immediately after the Expo. Classes, registration and schedules are shown below.

More about MSI Partner Training and Certification can be explored in the "Programs and Tools to Help you Grow your Business” breakout session or by stopping by the PartnerEmpower Training booth at the Solutions Showcase.

Post Expo Training Classes

REGISTER: You must register for the following sessions on the Learning Management System. Click here and register today.

DSL2300 - Professional Sales Academy
(March 23-24)
This course is a requirement for the PCR Sales Professional Certification.

The goal of this highly interactive 2-day instructor-led course using a sales simulation is to teach Motorola Indirect Channel Partners how to effectively sell wireless communications solutions in a highly competitive environment using a solution selling approach.

SLS1023.00L - Strengthening Customer Relationships Through Negotiations
(March 23)
This course is a requirement for the PCR Sales Master Certification.

Selling and negotiating are two distinct skills. Your ability to negotiate effectively can make the critical difference between walking away empty-handed and landing a lucrative deal. This course will explore the role of negotiation in the selling process, detail consultative/collaborative tactics, and provide you with a proven framework to help you establish prospect need and solution value. Master the skills needed to prepare for, lead and close win-win negotiations at every stage of the sales process.

DLR606 - Presenting for Results
(March 24)
This course is a requirement for the PCR Sales Master Certification.

Skill building focused on understanding and analyzing the customer audience for sales and informational presentations is critical to properly positioning your system solution and dealership. This course enhances the ability to deliver a professional and persuasive presentation and help create a win-win situation for both your customer and your dealership.