Channel Partner Expo 2016



Audience: Owners/CEOs or other leadership positions
Back by popular demand! We are again hosting a session focused on the specific interests of Owners/CEOs. In this seminar you'll hear from Motorola Solutions leaders and industry experts on how to perform a self-assessment on your business, how to maximize productivity between inside and outside sales teams, and why you should invest in marketing and the associated ROI and best practices for managing the financial side of your business. This segment is designed to provide Owner/CEOs with an objective, "outside in" look at business operations. NOTE: This session will be an all day session on Monday, March 21.


This year's sales track has solution sessions that include the latest information on MOTOTRBO, Applications, WAVE, Accessories, Services and ASTRO. There are also Sales Skills sessions to help you develop or refresh key competencies that make sales people successful.

MOTOTRBO Systems (Required for Re-Certification)
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Don't miss out on the future additions to MOTOTRBO systems!  We are talking NEW repeaters, NEW programming and provisioning enhancements; we may even throw in a NEW system design. Either way you are sure to "MAXimize" your time in this session!

MOTOTRBO Subscribers (Required for Re-Certification)
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
You do not want to miss what's new this year with MOTOTRBO subscribers. This course Will Indeed Fuel your Interest.

MOTOTRBO Competitive Win Strategies (Required for Re-Certification)
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Today's radio customer has more choices than ever before. This session will answer the important question, Why Motorola? and provide you with key messaging that will not only win customer mindshare, but also a share of their wallet.

MOTOTRBO "Vertical Market Experience"
Audience: All - limited capacity, first come first serve sign up
One of the top rated sessions from last year, Motorola will again host this session in the Solutions Showcase.  Only this time we will demonstrate how MOTOTRBO as an overall solution responds to the targeted needs of a specific vertical market.

Applications "Experience"
Audience: All - limited capacity, first come first served sign up
Take a tour of key MOTOTRBO applications in the Solutions Showcase at our partners booths hosted by Motorola.  See how applications can help you solve more customer problems and differentiate you in the marketplace.

All Things WAVE – 2016 (Required for Re-Certification)
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Don’t miss out on the latest developments with WAVE! Learn all about WAVE integration with MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus / Linked Capacity Plus and WAVE Connections, our cloud-based subscription service for WAVE broadband and LMR push-to-talk. And much more!

Accessories & Energy: Use Accessories to Grow Your Business (Required for Re-Certification)
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
We will be focusing on the value radio accessories and energy solutions bring to your customers. You will learn how you can grow your accessory and energy revenue while enhancing your customers’ experience. In this interactive and fun class, you will also learn what’s new in the accessory portfolio, experience demos... and enter our raffle.

MOTOTRBO Applications Refresh (Required for Re-Certification)
Audience: Sales people who attended the 2015 MOTOTRBO Bootcamp or experienced sales and marketing staff
In this session, we will discuss the different types of applications and how they add value to a MOTOTRBO system. We will also explore the tools available to help ensure the successful design and deployment of an application.

Services Portfolio Overview
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
This session is an overview of subscriber services available to channel partners to augment and extend their service capabilities at no additional cost. We'll also update you on network monitoring for Connect Plus and introduce you  to the new infrastructure service portfolio. This new portfolio will provide you with key capabilities across hardware and software maintenance to better maintain and manage customers networks.

ASTRO Solutions – Subscribers
Audience: MR sales, sales managers, and owners
In this session, we will take a deeper dive into what's new with the APX subscriber portfolio as well as the folowing: APX8000 with WIFI, SI500, radio management, Service from the start, Warranty, VML w/ WIFI Hub, LEX L10 G, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to catch up on all of the latest enhancements to our high-tier subscriber portfolio for Government & Commercial markets.

ASTRO 25 Solutions - Infrastructure Solutions
Audience: MR sales, sales managers, and owners
Come hear about exciting changes to the ASTRO 25 platform made possible by the new ASTRO 25 Software Defined Cores, creating more value for your customers by bringing new features and capabilities, as well as easier system expansions!  You'll discover new ways to increase sales to existing customers and win new customer opportunities by leveraging the ASTRO 25 Infrastructure Solutions and evolving dispatch console portfolio.


Questioning for An Early Close
Audience: Front line sales people
All sales professionals know why asking good questions is important, but fewer know what questions should be asked. An even smaller number understand phrasing or "how" to ask consultative questions. In this seminar, we will discuss asking the right questions and using the right phrasing to improve communication with your customers and reduce sales cycle time.

Plan Prospecting Time in Your Week
Audience: Front line sales people
What do you do when the phone stops ringing? Why do some sales people consistently find new business? The answers are in prospecting. In this seminar, we will examine (1) Making time for prospecting (2) Best practices when cold calling (3) Converting conversations to appointments (4) Measuring your effectiveness.

Leveraging Social Media to Make The Sale
Audience: Front line sales people
Are you leveraging LinkedIn and other social networks to develop leads and increase your sales? If not, your competitors are. Join us as we learn from the nation’s leading social media experts on how to sell with social.


The Marketing Track has six vertical market sessions on how to position Motorola Solutions, three sessions on how to effectively create demand and manage leads and a session on the latest updates on sales tools and support.

Manufacturing:  Structuring Digital Migrations in Manufacturing Environments
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Manufacturing companies of all sizes continue to be strong users of two-way radio systems across North America. Identifying the customer’s objectives can be challenging, but is critical in order to provide the structure needed to secure project funding. Explore the challenges in this vertical market, identify the pitfalls to avoid, and learn about tactics that have been successful in this space.

Healthcare: Reliable Communications are Necessary for Patient and Personnel Safety
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
With security threats looming, it is more important than ever, to provide hospitals with communications solutions that ensure a safe and secure environment and help them function efficiently and effectively. Providing real-time communications strengthens safety, increases the level of service and improves efficiency.

Education: Instant Communications and Information for Safer Schools
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
K-12 schools are under pressure to strengthen safety and improve efficiency with many competing budgetary initiatives to balance. According to the 2015 Motorola National Educational Survey, almost 60% say they could be better equipped to handle emergencies by improving K-12 communications, up 20% from our 2013 Education Survey. Join us for an in-depth overview of trends and solution opportunities encompassing Motorola’s radio solutions and beyond in K-12 education vertical.

Utilities: Critical Voice and Data Communications for Critical Infrastructure
Audience: All sales and marketing
Electric, gas and water utilities provide important functions in our daily lives and to the economy. Voice and data communications for all utilities is vital for restoring service after interruption and also for maintaining service levels, enhancing workforce productivity and enabling control applications. During this session, learn how Motorola Solutions is positioned to fill the vital need of voice and data communications with P25 and MOTOTRBO radio networks plus learn how these networks are enhanced with our Intelligent Radio Modem (IRM 1500) and SCADA offerings to provide data applications, including our partner network and launch of Industrial Internet of Things.

Hospitality: When Staff Connect, Service Becomes Exceptional
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Your hospitality customers demand innovative solutions that seamlessly connect their mobile team members and increase their efficiency, safety and productivity without interruption. Whether converging two-way radios with broadband devices or integrating radios with CRM applications, MOTOTRBO and WAVE enable you to provide your customers with the right device for the right user, running the right application on the right network. Our customers will tell you that, today, because their staff was able to collaborate, their service was exceptional. Come learn about our solutions in hospitality and hear about our customer success stories.

Transportation & Logistics: A Focus on Smarter Operations
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
The short-haul transportation and logistics market is a valuable segment and we will highlight the current industry trends and end user requirements. We will focus on MOTOTRBO and its extensions, and provide you with the messages that resonate most with decision-makers. We will also review product applications, sales best practices and marketing collateral to make your company even more successful.

Programs and Tools to Help You Grow Your Business
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Your "partner experience" when engaging with us will always be an important area of focus for Motorola. During this session, we will highlight some PartnerEmpower program changes including Premier Purchase, MDF, Co-Op, Empower Rewards and MR. We will cover what is new in our sales and technical certification offerings. We will also spend time on the planning and implementation of new tools including scorecards, portals, configurators as well as a new point-of-sale reporting tool. Please join us to learn more about these exciting new programs and tools.

Developing the Right Message
Audience: All Sales and Marketing
Small and medium-sized businesses are challenged with developing low-cost content that resonates with their customers. Understanding the buyer's persona and having the right content on your website, outbound messaging and social media are becoming more and more important. Find out how you can develop better content from Motorola and other industry experts.

Killer Campaigns for Effective Demand Generation
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Learn must-have campaign elements, such as building and maintaining customer contacts and data, leveraging the appropriate mix of tactics with strong calls to action - and integrating social media to complement your campaigns and lead generation.

Managing Leads
Audience: All sales and marketing staff
Once you generate leads, how do you manage the process to nurture leads and close business? Join us to learn cost effective lead qualification and management best practices that can deliver real dollars to your business.


U.S. Federal Government Track
Audience: Federal manufacturer representatives & resellers
Motorola's U.S. Federal Government Division has a new approach to the Channel Partner Expo in 2016 – based on the feedback we received in 2015. We will hold sessions Monday, March 21st and Tuesday, March 22nd that are focused on topics of interest for partners that serve Federal customers. Monday’s seminar will feature MSI Federal leadership and independent experts discussing MSI’s 2015 performance; 2016 trends and growth initiatives in DoD, Civil, and LEA segments; as well as best practices for navigating a complex procurement cycle. Tuesday’s agenda is filled with sessions designed to take our collaboration to a whole new level. Look for more details in the coming weeks from the Federal Sales team.