Interoperability in Practice for eHealth and mHealth - IHE Workshop

Date / Time:  12th May Tuesday, 15:30 - 17:30
Location: Hall I, Room H1-4

Session Speakers will focus on explaining how it is possible to achieve effective interoperability between IT systems in the healthcare domain with the use of existing standards and integration profiles. The operations of IHE Europe will be presented and explained via the presentation of best practices. Additionally, the speakers will explain how IHE Europe via its IHE Services operational unit can effectively assist Healthcare stakeholders into achieving healthcare information exchange in a meaningful form.


15:30 – 16:00  Overview of IHE and best practices in projects
Karima Bourquard, Director of Interoperability, IHE Europe

16:00 – 16:30  First experiences of implementing an IHE based open source Patient Portal
Oliver Heinze, University Hospital Heidelberg

16:30 – 17:00  Making Interoperability in Practice
Alexander Berler, IHE Services Sales & Partners Director

17:00 - 17:30 – Open Discussion and debate on IHE based implementations


Karima Bourquard, Director of Interoperability, IHE Europe

Presentation: What is New in IHE ?

IHE is a non-profit association promoting eHealth Interoperability. IHE specifies profiles that cover a large number of care domains: radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, Eyecare, infrastructure...One of the main event organised by IHE is the Connectathon which is a testing event using the GITB Gazelle testbed platform deployed today over the world. The last Connectathon was held in Luxembourg in April 2015.
IHE profiles are now largely deployed in several projects in Europe as well as at the international level. New profiles are arriving in the mobile Health applications.

Bio: Senior Consultant and founder of IN-SYSTEM, Karima Bourquard assists several regional/national projects on tele-Imaging, telemedicine or national eHealth infrastructure. She has a solid background on Healthcare IT as eHealth Project director and eHealth interoperability. During the last 15 years, she contributed to the creation and development of IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) in France and in Europe. She is actually director of Interoperability at IHE-Europe, working on EU-Affairs Committee and European projects.

Oliver Heinze, Medical computer scientist from University Hospital Heidelberg

O Heinze

Presentation: Implementing a patient-centric IHE-based health information exchange infrastructure - Experiences from the INFOPAT project

The talk will give an overview of the health region of the future INFOPAT (information technology for patient-centric healthcare) in Germany, which is funded by the federal ministry of education and research. Focus of the talk will be the architecture of the IHE-based health information exchange infrastructure including a patient portal as well as first experiences of its implementation using commercial and open source software.

Bio: Oliver is a medical computer scientist at Heidelberg University Hospital. He co-chairs the Section of Medical Information Systems of the Department of Information Technology and Medical Engineering (ZIM) and oversees the regional EHR projects. He raised external funds for many projects. He is involved in teaching eHealth and in the Open eHealth Foundation. He is author of numerous publications and speaker at national and internat. conferences. Oliver is double laureate of the Telemed Award and winner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Goes Mobile Award.

Alexander Berler, IHE Services Sales & Partners Director


A Berler

Bio: Dr. Alexander Berler has an MSc in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Medical Informatics. He is currently employed as the Director of consulting services department at Gnomon Informatics with an expertise in international projects related to e-health, especially in the cross border healthcare domain. He is currently also the IHE Services Sales and Partners Director for IHE Europe and the Chair of HL7 Hellas, the Greek HL7 Affiliate. More information available at