Why Attend?

eHealth Week 2015 will welcome global decision makers from public and private healthcare sectors, clinicians, hospital and IT managers and VIP guests.

Here is why YOU should attend eHealth Week :

For clinicians, medical directors, chief medical officers, clinical information officers and nurses

  • Learn from health IT best practice from across Europe that will help you to ensure better quality patient safety and care
  • Learn how relevant IT is for your daily work and how it can improve patient outcomes, the organisation and the quality of your work
  • Learn how IT based clinical decision support and medication management can save patients’ lives
  • Understand how to use IT to make evidence-based decisions that improve patient outcomes and ensure quality improvements
  • Find out how to improve patient empowerment, engagement and access to information and technology
  • Ensure that you are able to incorporate clinical leadership into IT strategies in order to accelerate adoption by frontline staff
  • Learn how relevant IT is in your daily work and ensure it is incorporated into clinical workflows, enabling you to do their job more effectively
  • Discover how technology can streamline and reduce administrative tasks giving you more time to care for patients and improve efficiency
  • Gather with the Europe’s healthcare professionals to explore the value of health IT through education, networking and solutions

For IT directors, IT managers and chief information officers

  • Learn from best practice and case studies from across Europe that will enable you to successfully implement eHealth and mHealth solutions that achieve tangible benefits
  • Understand how to deal with change management issues including information governance, data protection and privacy challenges
  • Learn from a wide range of European representatives who will share strategies for integration between the health and social care ecosystem and cross border data exchange
  • Access the latest and most innovative IT solutions to improve patient care, safety and efficiency
  • Understand how to unlock the true value of data to support service redesign
  • Come away with valuable information to support procurement decisions
  • Hear the latest developments on the most topical issues from big data to mHealth

For finance directors, budget holders and procurement directors

  • Better understand different funding models for ICT in a time of austerity
  • Understand how to build a business case for IT and how return on investment can be achieved
  • View new and innovative solutions that will influence your decisions on where best to invest to reach your organisation’s goals
  • Meet with budget holders such as form the European Commission and get access to project funds to help you finance IT initiatives

For vendors and industry

  • Be amongst EU Governments who are spending up to 15% of their budgets on healthcare
  • Showcase your solutions to the only pan-European event with ministerial delegates from 28 different European countries
  •  eHealth Week will welcome those with some of the largest spending budgets in healthcare technology including a delegation of more than 40 individuals from International Ministries of Health who are considering national tenders
  • Learn from the most diverse range of speakers and delegates from more European countries than any other healthcare IT event
  • Educate more than 2000 European delegates and influencers on the most efficient and cost-effective healthcare IT solutions
  • Develop relationships with European Ministries, delegations, influencers and stakeholders who are responsible for multiple tenders taking place across Europe
  • Be ahead of what is next in European healthcare IT and take away key learnings to develop your product strategy  to comply with international, country and industry-specific requirements 
  • Ensure visibility amongst your competitors, raise your company's profile and generate new leads
  • Develop partnerships with other leading vendors in healthcare IT to provide the best possible offering to your target audience

For pharma and life sciences

  • Learn for a showcase of European projects that demonstrate the potential for health data in research
  • Meet with innovative IT vendors and develop partnerships that will enhance your offering
  • Learn about the implications of IT based medication management on your sales, marketing and logistics and become part of the decision-taking process
  • Learn how to develop new services and business models “beyond the pill”
  • Be amongst EU Governments who are spending up to 15% of their budgets on healthcare
  • Showcase your solutions to ministerial delegates from 28 different European countries and meet high-level European health IT stakeholders

Government, policy makers, public health sector

  • Learn what is being done at a policy level to improve innovation in healthcare throughout Europe
  • Learn how to build IT roadmaps and implementation strategies that are meaningful to your national/regional settings
  • Present the digital agenda and educate a European healthcare IT audience on how to get the most out of digital technologies
  • Measure and benchmark your own processes with the rest of Europe and see whether they can serve as role models
  • Understand how healthcare technology is advancing hospitals and improving medical tourism