Joint HL7-EFMI Workshop - Interoperability in Action: Information + Integration = Innovation?
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Monday, 11 May | 12:30 - 14:15

Join us to explore “Interoperability in action: information + integration = innovation?” and engage in lively debate on how rethinking interoperability standards and continuing education can bridge divides, change cultures, and open markets!

Perspectives from health management, industry, government, health education, and standardization exemplify challenges and opportunities for liberation of data that can drive desired social and technological innovation.

This is a call for action to explore how the partnership of HL7, EFMI and HIMSS can catalyze the equation “information + integration = innovation” to bridge divides, change culture and open markets.


 - Charles Jaffe, Chief Executive Officer HL7 International, USA

HEALTHCARE ANALYTICS: Hospital-led Innovation in Action

 - John Hoyt, Executive Vice President HIMSS, USA

INDUSTRY-LED INNOVATION: Beyond implantable devices

 - Matic Meglic, Strategy Director Medtronic Hospital Solutions, Switzerland

GOVERNMENT-LED INNOVATION: Innovation Centers in Portugal

 - Henrique Martins, President, Shared Services for Ministry of Health, Portugal

INDUSTRY-LED INNOVATIO II: IBM Watson, Analytics and mHealth

John Crawford and Matej Adam, Healthcare Industry Leaders, Europe and EMEA, IBM

eHEALTH STANDARDS and the Innovator’s Dilemma:

 - Catherine Chronaki, Secretary General HL7 Foundation, Belgium


 - Anne Moen, President European Federation of Medical Informatics, Norway


The workshop is open to all delegates – if you would like to secure your place, please get in touch with Catherine Chronaki or Anne Moen

Charles Jaffe MD, PhD

Charles Jaffe MD, PhD, is the CEO of HL7, seeking to foster relationships, provide resource guidance and contribute subject matter expertise to the leaders in the healthcare industry and ministries of health globally.

John P. Hoyt

John P. Hoyt, FACHE, FHIMSS, is Executive Vice President, HIMSS Analytics. He oversees all HIMSS Stage 6 and Stage 7 validations, and gives direction for business and IT strategy for mission-critical healthcare information.

Matic Meglic

Matic Meglic MD, PhD, MBA is Strategy Director, Medtronic Hospital Solutions EMEA. He contributes to public health informatics and EU semantic interoperability initiatives, specifically PHR, chronic disease management, patient empowerment and gaming for health.

Henrique Martins

Henrique Martins, MD, MPhil, PhD is president of the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) in Portugal, and member of the eHealth network. He is actively involved in informatics projects related on mobile computing, and interoperability for ePrescription and new EHR systems.

John Crawford

John Crawford has joint responsibility for the development of IBM’s Healthcare Business in Europe and is strong advocate for the transformation of healthcare using information technology. He is member of several healthcare associations including COCIR, Continua, Vice President of EHTEL, and lead IBM representative in the EIP on Active and Healthy Aging (B3 – Integrated Care).

Matej Adam

Matej Adam is responsible for developing segments of IBM Healthcare Solutions portfolio within IBM Global healthcare team and is also working with healthcare providers and healthcare authorities on e-health adoption within Europe and Middle East countries. He is also collaborating with Stevens Institute of Technology on health IT education programme for healthcare MBA students.

Catherine E. Chronaki

Catherine E. Chronaki, MS is Secretary General of the HL7 International Foundation. She promotes interoperability standards to drive large-scale eHealth deployment, innovation, quality and patient safety globally.

Anne Moen

Anne Moen, RN, PhD is president of European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and professor at the University of Oslo. Her current research is on AAL-tools for home-dwelling elders, and she teaches the practice of service innovation.