2023 OPI Summer Institute

June 19 - 23, 2023


New for 2023!

Campus housing is available, for purchase, as part of your OPI Summer Institute registration

Campus Housing is $50/room/night 

Rooms have 2 twin beds and can be shared.  Please note this during the registration process. 


Important information:

The cost for campus housing is $50/night.  All campus housing must be paid, by credit card at the time of registration or when it is added to an existing Registration.  Any unpaid campus housing requests as of June 9, 2023 will be invalid.

You can check your housing reservation in advance by logging into the registration site and using the "Modify Registration" button.  Follow the prompts to the housing option.  Please verify that the arrival and departure dates are correct.

To add or change campus housing reservations, log into the conference registration and use the "Modify Registration" button and follow the prompts to the housing option.

If you add dates to your reservation, be prepared to pay for the additional dates by credit card.

If you cancel dates and are due a refund, you MUST contact Toni Lee at toni.lee@montana.edu.  Refunds are not issued automatically.

The last day to make changes to your campus housing reservation is

June 9, 2023.


If you do not attend the institute or make other housing arrangements and fail to cancel your campus housing, you will not be eligible for a refund.


Campus Housing Reservations after June 9

You can still make reservations for campus housing.

Click here for the MSU housing page.  follow the instructions and use code "OPI2023"