Room Block

FULL - The Hotel Hershey

PAAA has reserved a room block for the discounted group rate of $395 per night, plus tax is available until until Monday, May 22, 2023 (or the block fills).  After this date, rooms are subject to availability at the prevailing rate. The room block is full as of April 1, but you can still call and see if somethign has opened up.

Limit of 2 rooms per attendee. There are a limited number of rooms, so early reservations are highly encouraged.

You will be able to make your reservation AFTER you have registered for the meeting. 

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If the room block is full, you can be added to the alert list by submitting the form below.



If the PAAA room block is filled at the time you make your reservation, you can add your name to our alert list. You will be notified if a room opens up in the room block. 


By completing this form, you will be added to list managed by PAAA staff.  In the event a cancellation occurs at the Hotel Hershey and a room becomes available, PAAA staff will notify you to see if you are interested in reserving a room at The Hotel Hershey.  YOU will be responsible for cancelling any other hotel reservations.  We do not recommend cancelling your reservation until you have receieved your confirmation number and confirm your reservation details as correct.

This form will serve as a request ONLY; no reservation is being made at the completion of this form.  PAAA is not responsible for any fees or room reservations.  The responsibility of room confirmation/cancellation falls on the individual completeing this form.  

Requests will be honored as rooms become available meeting the criteria mentioned above and in the order forms are submitted.


If you are looking for other hotels in the ares, please click below.  

NOTE: PAAA does not have any other Room Blocks Setup

If you are on the Hotel Alert List, we recommend that you still make a reservation somewhere so that you can attend the meeting. In the event a room opens up, you will be respinsible for calling and cancelling any other reservations.