Keynote: Grantley Morgan

 Shapeshifters: how industries, workforces, organisations and leaders are pivoting to meet tomorrow’s needs, today.

 ‘Permacrisis’, regionalisation, technological advancement, and a new relationship with work. There are four powerful themes that will converge on EMEA labour markets in 2023 – representing a set of generational ‘windows of opportunity’ for companies in the region. To exploit those opportunities, we need to rapidly close skills gaps in frontier domains such as Artificial Intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and energy storage. To do so, we will require new organisational and leadership models which restore trust to the employment relationship.  Enter the socially conscious leader. In his Shapeshifters keynote, Grantley Morgan will explore the opportunities presented by these regional shifts, reveal the skills at the heart of the next economic cycle, and explore next practices from companies at the frontier of industrial transition such as Freyr (energy storage pioneers) and SAP.

These opportunities arrive at the same time as the legacy of Covid-19 reshapes our relationship with work. New organizational and leadership models are emerging which balance employees’ desire for autonomy, governmental requirements for ‘good’ jobs, and the individual company’s ability to navigate talent shortages. The keynote will end by exploring the long-term implications for leading teams across space, time and multiple platforms.

Join Grantley’s session to gain a deeper understanding of the current talent landscape, learn more about some of the challenges and opportunities we as careers professionals and employers are all currently facing and how we might adapt to embrace these. 

Immersive Networking Experience
Martin Solway & Fidel Torreiro - Co-Founders, The Audax Generation

This is a Networking Session like no other! In this Immersive Experience you will be inspired by an Audacious Team. Rooted in Catalan tradition, this team has consistently regenerated, nurtured and retained talent, while remaining current. This is no fluke! They are achieving the seemingly impossible for over 200 years.

You will have tonnes of fun! Create your own new story and shared language; develop stronger bonds and a framework to remain future-fit. 

But the story doesn’t end here. As we reflect on this powerful experience, the Team unlocks it’s potential and learns how to connect talent and business opportunities through a transformational career experience. 

Through stories, games and metaphors participants will develop their own Audacious Team Talent Pipeline: 

  • Attract: how to consistently reach out to a wider pool of talent
  • Transform: how to engage and upskill as per the needs of the market
  • Perform: how to connect talent with opportunity 

Let’s Reimagine Talent Together: Inspiring and Re-skilling for the Future.

Employer Panel

Nicola Groves, Recruitment Consultant, JLR

Manuel Berlanga, Customer Success Director at Globality
Aniol Brosa, Partner, Inveready
Laurence Penven, Talent Acquisition Manager, The Fork (A Trip Advisor Company) 
Sara Stevens, HR Associate Director, Eli Lilly & Company 
Domingo Valero, Talent Acquisition Manager, Enterprise Holding Spain


With the world in ‘permacrisis,’ businesses and employers are required to review their strategies on a constant basis. Join this session and share in discussion with a panel of experienced MBA/Masters employers. Understand how their talent needs and processes are changing to meet new demands and how this impacts both Business School careers services and MBA/Masters candidates.

Sharing Sessions

CSEA conferences are all about the networking, and this one is no different! The event will feature breakout sesions that will allow attendees to meet in smaller groups to discuss niche topics such as:

  • Critical Pedagogy, Humanistic Psychology, and Career Journaling - A Three Pronged Approach to Helping MBA Students 
    Patrick Phillips, Career Counsultant, Trinity Business School - Trinity College Dublin
    At Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin we have revamped the MBA Career Development Module by creating workshops based on the concept of Critical Pedagogy, one to one career consultations derived from Humanistic Psychology, and a MBA career journaling process based on micro efforts. This session will focus on results from a paper that has been submitted to a journal on the basis of secondary and primary research conducted with MBA student populations in order to design the Trinity MBA career development module. 
  • ChatGPT: Impact and Implications for Career Services and Recruiting
    Dan Kiernan, Head of Global Industry Careers, Said Business School - University of Oxford
    James Nugent, Head of Consulting Careers, Said Business School - University of Oxford

    Are you interested in how MBAs and Masters students use ChatGPT and similar AI tools to develop their career thinking and create job applications? Perhaps you’re concerned that these tools could replace career coaches or undermine recruitment and selection processes. In this session we’ll demo how ChatGPT responds to generic MBA/Masters career advice questions, and how students are using it to produce cover letters, respond to typical job application questions, and prepare for interviews. We’ll then facilitate a discussion to gather thoughts on how career coaches and employers should respond.  By the end of the session, you’ll be more informed about ChatGPT and have started thinking through how your organisation should respond to this development.
  • Immersive Experiences in Career Education: Virtual Reality at Work
    Natalya Shustova, Sr. Associate Director Talent & Careers, IE University 
    At IE University, we are committed to giving students an experience that’s adapted to their needs so that they can face challenges head on and generate a meaningful impact on society. That's why we’re integrating immersive technologies into our academic offerings, including career education through Virtual Reality (VR). As a result, we are able to simulate real-world scenarios - e.g. job interviews and bring learning to life. Students continue to enjoy a highly innovative experience while they increase their knowledge base, hone new skills, and practice applying them to tangible situations. Join this session to learn how IE is using Virtual Reality as a component in our career education offerings and how career counseling can be automated in general. Schools will learn how to apply VR techniques to their own career education offerings. Employers will learn what's new in the VR world and gain knowledge about how schools are applying the concept.
  • Purposeful Leadership: Building New Skills
    Alina Servillat, Employer Relations Consultant & Executive Coach, Imperial College Business School
    The careers services’ role can diversify from getting MBAs the best jobs to inspiring them to become purposeful leaders. Employers play a role in developing future leaders as well, as they often impact skill development for new hires. Creating the self-awareness that opens the path of a personal transformational journey to a mindful leadership style can now become an essential part of these offerings. Join this session to reflect on new sets of skills that define mindful/purposeful leadership, share best practices, and discuss a toolkit for the purposeful leadership journey.
  • It's All About Data: KPIs, Feedback and Performance Tracking
    Natalya Shustova, Sr. Associate Director Talent & Careers, IE University 
    Beatriz Garcia-Bernalt, Director, Talent and Careers, IE University
    As the legendary engineer W. Edwards Deming put it, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” Without insight into data, people make decisions based on instinct, speculation, or prevalent theory. During this session, the IE University Talent & Careers team will share their journey toward a data-driven department. In this session, we will discuss:
    1 - How do we identify what we should measure?
    1 - How do we gather relevant data and best practices to maintain a high response rate?
    2 - How do we use data further to inform what we deliver and how we deliver it?
  • The E word…How we can Improve Engagement via LinkedIn Through Content Creation
    Anil Ram, Career Manager, Warwick Business School
    We’re on LinkedIn, but are we using it to its fullest potential? Despite what we already know about LinkedIn, many of us, in fact 99% of us, fall under the same category - consumers - whereas only 1% of active users create content. In this session, you’ll learn how to create content in just two hours per week to help job seekers find their perfect roles, enhance company brands to attract great applicants ,and how career services can increase their engagement.
  • Strength(s) in Numbers: An Inclusive and Wellbeing Student Approach for the Workplace
    Montgomery Thomas, Associate Director of Alumni and Graduate Career Strategy, Suffolk University
    There is always strength in numbers, right? The power of a strengths-minded group of people has more influence than one person. The workplace benefits from high performance and less burnout and turnover when employee wellbeing is at its best. In our world of work, students are challenged to advocate for what matters in the workplace. Utilizing Gallup CliftonStrengths, as well as general information about a strengths-based mindset, this experiential workshop will use small-group discussions and poll activities to spark reflection around strengths with wellbeing and identity to engage with students both in business school and the workplace. Participants will also learn to discover their own strengths around wellbeing in order to thrive and survive through exploring the vocabulary used to describe their strengths, learning intentional steps to leverage strengths, and understanding effective strengths-based communication.
  • Best Practices in Career Path Exploration
    Jeff McNish, Assistant Dean, UVA Darden Career Center
    Jean Gekler, Sr. Associate Director, MBA Career Management, UW Foster School of Business

    This session offers activities, discussions, and coaching ideas to guide students on how to explore career options and paths, including industries, functions and fields that they may not have considered as they navigate their graduate business program. Ideas to navigate market shifts and explore new and upcoming career trends will be discussed, as well as what to do when sectors change (for example, the current hiring decline in the tech sector). Best practices covered will include: personal branding and recruiting tools, student career paths, assessments in recruiting, and innovative programming to augment professional development and career education offerings.
  • The Unexpected Benefits of Corporate Engagement Activities
    Caroline Baldwin, MSc Careers Manager, University of Bath - School of Management
    Sarah Peel, MSc Careers and External Engagement Advisor, University of Bath - School of Management

    In this session, representatives from the University of Bath School of Management will share how credit-bearing and co-curricular employability initiatives are embedded into their varied portfolio of specialist MSc courses. They will illustrate how corporate-engagement activities deliver unexpected benefits for both students and employers, including broadening horizons around cross-cultural employment opportunities. School attendees will learn best practices for integrating short term employability initiatives at scale into their programmes, and employers will learn how they can benefit from partnering with schools on similar activities.
  • A Conversation on Individual Wellbeing - a Prerequisite for Inspiring and Reskilling Others
    Ryan Sharman, Head of Career Development, Cambridge Judge Business School
    Employee and student wellbeing conversations can help reduce stress and enable individuals to thrive in their work and studies. Catalyzed in part by the Covid-19 pandemic, individual wellbeing conversations are now seen as an essential component in maintaining employee engagement and driving organizational performance. Whether you are a b-school careers professional or a people manager, allocating time to your own wellbeing agenda is critical if you are to effectively support others with their career, performance, and development agendas. It is within this context that you must not neglect your own wellbeing agenda if you are to be fully resourced when supporting and inspiring others. 
    In this conversation, we will:
    •    Share and explore common wellbeing challenges that we face
    •    Learn and understand the important components of wellbeing for yourself and others
    •    Explore some tools to support wellbeing conversations 
    •    Identify individual steps in creating a wellbeing action plan for yourself and others
    •    Know what you need to attend to continue to inspire others
  • Solving for Alumni Engagement Challenges in 2023
    Mohamed-Ali Baccar, CEO & Founder,
    Martina Beerman, previous HHL Business School Career Services Director,
     Career Advisor & Career Coach, Talentdesign
    Patrica Keener, Associate Director, Career Management, London Business School

    What are the challenges careers professionals will be facing in 2023 with alumni engagement? Are these challenges common across most business schools and employers? During this session, we will collaborate and gain inspiration about how to address these challenges from research carried out with peers. Attendees will be presented with the results of a recent business school survey, hear from peers on common best practices to address the top challenges, and discuss these topics with colleagues to attain actionable ideas for your school. This session encourages careers professionals, employers and vendors alike to attend, ensuring collaboration for success.
  • Round tables by functional area (employer relations, career coaches, etc.)
  • and more!