Keynote: Grantley Morgan

 Shapeshifters: how industries, workforces, organisations and leaders are pivoting to meet tomorrow’s needs, today.

 ‘Permacrisis’, regionalisation, technological advancement, and a new relationship with work. There are four powerful themes that will converge on EMEA labour markets in 2023 – representing a set of generational ‘windows of opportunity’ for companies in the region. To exploit those opportunities, we need to rapidly close skills gaps in frontier domains such as Artificial Intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and energy storage. To do so, we will require new organisational and leadership models which restore trust to the employment relationship.  Enter the socially conscious leader. In his Shapeshifters keynote, Grantley Morgan will explore the opportunities presented by these regional shifts, reveal the skills at the heart of the next economic cycle, and explore next practices from companies at the frontier of industrial transition such as Freyr (energy storage pioneers) and SAP.

These opportunities arrive at the same time as the legacy of Covid-19 reshapes our relationship with work. New organizational and leadership models are emerging which balance employees’ desire for autonomy, governmental requirements for ‘good’ jobs, and the individual company’s ability to navigate talent shortages. The keynote will end by exploring the long-term implications for leading teams across space, time and multiple platforms.

Join Grantley’s session to gain a deeper understanding of the current talent landscape, learn more about some of the challenges and opportunities we as careers professionals and employers are all currently facing and how we might adapt to embrace these. 

Immersive Networking Experience
Martin Solway & Fidel Torreiro - Co-Founders, The Audax Generation

This is a Networking Session like no other! In this Immersive Experience you will be inspired by an Audacious Team. Rooted in Catalan tradition, this team has consistently regenerated, nurtured and retained talent, while remaining current. This is no fluke! They are achieving the seemingly impossible for over 200 years.

You will have tonnes of fun! Create your own new story and shared language; develop stronger bonds and a framework to remain future-fit. 

But the story doesn’t end here. As we reflect on this powerful experience, the Team unlocks it’s potential and learns how to connect talent and business opportunities through a transformational career experience. 

Through stories, games and metaphors participants will develop their own Audacious Team Talent Pipeline: 

  • Attract: how to consistently reach out to a wider pool of talent
  • Transform: how to engage and upskill as per the needs of the market
  • Perform: how to connect talent with opportunity 

Let’s Reimagine Talent Together: Inspiring and Re-skilling for the Future.

Employer Panel

Panelists TBA

With the world in ‘permacrisis,’ businesses and employers are required to review their strategies on a constant basis. Join this session and share in discussion with a panel of experienced MBA/Masters employers. Understand how their talent needs and processes are changing to meet new demands and how this impacts both Business School careers services and MBA/Masters candidates.

More programming details coming soon, including concurrent breakout sessions presented by peers!