Health and Safety Info









In alignment with our goal to ensure the conference environment is as safe as possible, we are implementing the following health and safety protocol for the 2023 EMEA Conference:

  • We recommend that all attendees test for COVID before traveling to the event. If an attendee tests positive for COVID before or during the event, they may not attend (even if they do not have symptoms). Visit the World Health Organization for protocol regarding isolation and quarantine after testing positive.

  • If an attendee experiences COVID symptoms during the event, they may not attend. 

  • If an attendee is exposed to COVID prior to or during the event, follow the World Health Organization guidelines regarding quarantine and exposure.

  • Attendees will be provided with stickers to place on their nametags to indicate their comfort level with contact. All attendees will be asked to respectfully honor these requests from fellow participants. 

    • Red = please maintain at least three feet of distance (no hugs, handshakes, etc.)

    • Yellow = please ask before approaching

    • Green = hugs and handshakes are okay

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the event, as well as masks for those who need them. 

  • IMPORTANT: We recognize that governmental and/or health authorities may implement additional health and safety protocol that impact the event. MBA CSEA will follow all protocol as directed. Refunds will not be provided for attendees who choose not to participate due to new guidelines that are implemented prior to or during the event. Please check travel requirements into Spain before making your travel plans.

  • All attendees will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks before registering for the event. 

Local Health & Safety
Current COVID requirements for traveling to Barcelona can be found here. Please check this before making your travel plans! More information about safety protocol in Barcelona can be found here.  

We appreciate the flexibility and adaptability of our members as we work together to ensure our EMEA Conference is as safe as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.