Code of Conduct

Doing the Right Thing and Acting with Integrity


WERC fosters a positive, inclusive, and professional business environment at all WERC events and thus expects that business will be conducted in that manner.

It is the policy of WERC to maintain a working environment that is free from all forms of harassment and retaliation, including but not limited to sexual, gender, racial, religious, ethnic, disability, national origin, family responsibility, political affiliation, and other forms of legally impermissible harassment. WERC expressly prohibits harassment not only by or toward WERC employees but also by and toward WERC members, delegates, vendors, contractors, suppliers, visitors, trades people, and other non-employees anywhere that someone is conducting business involving WERC, whether on or off WERC's business premises.

If any form of harassment or discrimination is experienced, witnessed, or otherwise becomes known, such behavior should be immediately reported to the MHI Chief Executive Officer or MHI's General Counsel.