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Keynote Speaker
Dr. Rumman Chowdhury

The Future of Technology, Recruiting and Work

New technology is changing how we hire, how we work, and what skills are in demand. In this talk, Dr. Rumman Chowdhury will share insights into the future of work – and specifically how technology is impacting both the recruiting and hiring process as well as the future worker and workplace.  In her role as Director of META (Machine Ethics, Transparency and Accountability) at Twitter, she has a unique vantage point into how AI has allowed technology to simulate human thoughts and behavior.  She’ll explore the great potential, and simultaneous challenges, that she has seen arise in her work exploring this relationship between humans and technology.  How is technology making recruiting and hiring more or less transparent?  How does AI impact DEI recruiting?  How can we, as career services and talent acquisition professionals, use technology to be more effective in our work? ¬¬By the end of this talk, you’ll leave with a new perspective on the intersection of technology and the human workforce as well as practical tools you can use to take full advantage of the unique insights and capabilities that technology, AI and machine learning offer us today.

Rumman Chowdhury’s passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity. She is a pioneer in the field of applied ethics, creating cutting-edge solutions for ethical, explainable and transparent AI.  Chowdhury is currently the Director of META (Machine Ethics, Transparency and Accountability) at Twitter.  She was formerly the Global Lead for Responsible AI at Accenture.  Chowdhury has been featured in international media, including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, MIT Technology Review, BBC and Fast Company.  She was named one of BBC’s 100 Women, recognized as one of the Bay Area’s top 40 under 40, and honored to be inducted to the British Royal Society of the Arts.  Forbes has named her as one of Five Who are Shaping AI.

Employer Panel

John Helmers, Director, Graduate Career Management, University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business

Janet Chin, Campus Outreach Program Manager, Google
Kathy Martin, Senior Manager, University Recruiting and Programs, Kemper
Kerry Oliver, Bridgespan Group
Meg Recktenwald, Vice President, Head of Firmwide MBA Recruiting JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Adapting to an Evolving Employment Landscape: Insights From Hiring Leaders

Recruiting processes are constantly evolving to meet the demands of the employment market. Join us to hear from talent acquisition professionals from companies across an array of industry sectors as they share their insights on the ever-changing graduate talent recruiting landscape. We will discuss how we all play an important role in shifting from being reactive to responsive in preparing students in today’s environment. Attendees will gain insights into how to reconcile student/new employee preferences on work environment realities, how to help students prepare for accelerated recruiting processes, and how both the pandemic and generational factors are having a sustained impact on student and new employee engagement levels and expectations.

Concurrent Breakout Sessions
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Functional Round Tables

Faciliators TBA

Join us for a round table discussion with others who work in the same job function as you. These attendee-led sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn and share with your peers in a collaborative environment, discussing hot topics that are on your mind. Functions include:

  • Career Center Team Leaders (for anyone who leads a team within a Career Center, including directors, associate directors, assistant directors, etc.
  • Employer Relations
  • Employers
  • MBA Career Coaches
  • Operations
  • Specialty Masters Career Coaches

Ace "Tell Me About Yourself" Every Time Using the FIT Model


Sponsored by: CPG Camp

Steve Dalton
Program Director for Daytime Career Services 
Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

"Tell me about yourself" (TMAY) is the single-most common question professionals face in their relationship-building efforts. However, delivering a great TMAY answer on-demand is incredibly challenging (for job seekers and non-job seekers alike!). Attendees will learn the (screenwriting-inspired) FIT Model for answering TMAY easily and effectively every time, no memorized script or advance preparation required. Research demonstrating the outsized importance of TMAY in interviews will be shared, and attendees will leave with more confidence in their students' (and their own) responses to a frequently anxiety-inducing question... that sometimes gets asked at MBA CSEA conferences. School representatives will walk away with tangible ideas for communicating with and coaching students. Employer representatives can use this opportunity for their own professional development, as well as observations about how students are being coached.

Beyond the Info Session: Creating a World-class Employer Visit Program


Sponsored by: Ernst & Young (EY)

Brian Fanelli
Director of Employer Relations
University of Cincinnati, Carl H. Lindner College of Business
Kevin J. Hardy
Assistant Dean and Karen Bennett Hoeb Director of Cooperative Education
University of Cincinnati, Carl H. Lindner College of Business

In a world where decreased student engagement has become the norm, how can career services professionals highlight employer partners in a meaningful way that captures students’ attention? Through a series of intentional on-campus recruitment activities both before and after the campus-wide career fair, the Lindner College of Business’ career services staff collaborated with an employer partner to increase the number of quality applicants for its co-op and full-time positions. Join us as we examine a case study of the planning process from beginning to end which led to an immersive on-campus recruitment experience that went far beyond an information session. We will also discuss ways to include virtual components into employer recruitment activities.

Bringing Talent Back to Asia: Trends and Best Practices

Rhoda Yap
Global Director - Career Development Centre


Dong-Wook (DW) Lee
Director of Employer Relations, Career Development Office
Asia School of Business (in collaboration with MIT Sloan)

With the advent of regionalization, career centers around the globe are seeking to empower and equip international students with the appropriate information to enable a successful transition back to Asia. In this session, Rhoda Yap and Dong-Wook “DW” Lee will share hiring trends and best practices in engaging with students seeking to find roles in Asia. They will also facilitate thematic mini breakouts for deeper sharing across career advisors/coaches, employer relations specialists, and employers. Attendees will walk away with tangible ideas on how to engage talent to support a career move to Asia.

Career Service Essentials: Pivoting Strategies Around Data and Technology to Effectively Measure Engagement and Outcomes


Sponsored by: GMAC

Tanya Montgomery
Operations Manager 
Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School, Weston Career Center


Jennifer Krupp
Certified Career Management Coach – Specialized Master's Program
Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School, Weston Career Center


Mary Dohle
Employer Experiences Manager, 
Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School, Weston Career Center

Taking a data-driven, values-based approach, the Olin Business School’s Weston Career Center, at Washington University in St. Louis, holistically supports students, alumni, and employers in an ever-changing market. Due in large part to changes in student and employer needs caused by COVID-19, the WCC has swiftly adapted services and resources to best serve the unique needs of our stakeholders. This presentation will highlight key data and technology tools, how we leverage those tools depending on our audience, how we create engagement strategies, while highlighting lessons learned along the way.

Catalysts for Change: Leveraging Corporate and Community Partnerships to Encourage Student Development and Career Outcomes


Sponsored by:

Katie Bennett
Assistant Director of Career Management & Corporate Engagement
University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business


Sam Musselman
Associate Director for Corporate Engagement
University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business


Christopher Barlow
Director of Corporate Engagement & Career Management, 
University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business                      

Students are increasingly looking to make community impact. In response to this desire, Katz developed 2 signature integrated learning initiatives: the Bridge Program and Super Analytics Challenge. These programs provide students with opportunities to tap into the Pittsburgh community, network with local organizations, and use business knowledge to ideate solutions to complex social problems. At the same time, students create initiatives that tangibly impact the community and develop skills attractive to employers. Presenters will outline program development, identification of and collaboration with community and corporate partners, project creation, and benefits that both partners and students experience.

DE&I: A Deeper Dive Into Key Topics

Sunaina Gulati-Ruh
Director Career Management Graduate Business Programs
Santa Clara University
Jennifer Applebee
Associate Director, Recruiting and Employer Relations
Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business

This session will consist of a synopsis slide presentation of the topics covered in the monthly DE&I meetings, specifically stereotypes, micro-aggression, critical race theory, and intersectionality. Attendees would then break out into topic specific roundtable discussions facilitated by a member of the DE&I resource group. Attendees would rotate through 2 - 3 topic table groups sharing their professional and/or personal experiences as they relate to the topic, and what DE&I programs their colleagues have experienced at their institutions. The last 5 - 10 minutes would be a debrief of what attendees learned or found most useful.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging – Advancing Your Organization Through Staff, Student, Alumni, & Employer Engagement


Sponsored by:


Christy Murray
Assistant Dean, Career Development Office
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School


Michelle Jones
Senior Associate Director, Career Education and Life Design
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Cindy Lu Jacobs
Associate Director, Career Coaching and Education
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Sara Bliden
Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Have you recently created space to learn about the intersections of your colleagues’ identities? How might you bring students, alumni, faculty, and staff together as a community to discuss how identities show up in the workplace? What should employers consider when building recruitment pipelines of underrepresented talent from a university? During this session, we will discuss DEIB from multiple lenses – building trust and space for internal staff conversations, for storytelling across multiple constituents to learn about various identities and intersections of identities, for student advocacy with employers, and for employer education on working with career offices to recruit talent inclusively.

Employer Demand for B-School Graduates: A Sneak Peak of GMAC’s 2022 Corporate Recruiters Survey


Sponsored by: Archer Career

Matt Hazenbush
Director, Research Analysis and Communications

Kun Yuan
Director, Research and Data Science

Alexandria Williams 
Associate Manager, Survey Research

Join the team behind GMAC’s annual Corporate Recruiters Survey for an early look at the findings in advance of the Summary Report’s release the following week. Gain insight into the current demand for MBA and business master’s grads globally, including hiring and salary trends, international placement, recruiter perceptions, and the skills top employers look for most in making hiring decisions.

Finding the Balance Between a High Touch Coaching Model and Scaled Services


Sponsored by: VMock

Erin Warns
Kellstadt Career Management Center
Adrienne Corona
Assistant Director
Kellstadt Career Management Center

The session will be co-led by the Director of the Kellstadt Career Management Center (CMC) and an Assistant Director who manages coaching for multiple specialty MS programs and our Weekend MBA population. The audience members will hear first hand from an advisor whose approach blends career and academic advising and from the director on how to identify opportunities for scale to alleviate staff burnout and still promote student success in blended high touch & high tech model. There will be a guided SWOT exercise for the audience members to complete and discuss opportunities for innovation to better assist the student.

From Admissions to Alumni: Elevating Employer Relationships Across the Spectrum


Sponsored by: Vault/Firsthand

Sandra Chandler
Associate Director, Employer Engagement & Recruiting for MBA & Alumni
UNC Kenan-Flagler
Noemi Morillo-Vasquez
Director for Employer Engagement & Recruiting
UNC Kenan-Flagler

Our Employer Engagement Team will share the unique ways we incorporate employers at all levels throughout the student journey and optimize connections enterprise wide across UNC Kenan-Flagler. This session will feature our MBA programs (FT, Executive, and Online) and will explore how we leverage employer and stakeholder relationships to drive new engagement, while incorporating and supporting our stakeholders throughout the student experience. We will provide insights into the holistic approach used to engage various stakeholder groups across the spectrum (including admissions, centers, program leadership & student clubs) to enhance both employer visibility for recruiting strategies and event engagement.

Infotainment: Teaching to Millennials and Beyond


Sponsored by: Quinncia Inc.

Larry Faskowitz
MBA Corporate Relations Manager / MBA Career Coach
Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business
Ivan Wanis Ruiz
Senior Facilitator
Public Speaking Lab

Running a session virtually or in person can be difficult. Balancing engagement, fun and learning is challenging. Most everyone will agree that attention spans are getting shorter. With that being said the distinguishing factor in the future of learning is not the presentation of information but rather infotainment. In this workshop participants will learn strategies to make both virtual and in-person sessions more engaging and interactive.

Invisible Connection: Building Heart Strings (virtually)


Krys Ardayfio
Associate Director, Career Education
MIT Sloan

Explore a cutting-edge “telepresence robot hybrid interaction model” MIT Sloan Career Development Office began piloting in 2022. Counterintuitively, the robot model reimagines relationship building. Employers, advisors, faculty, staff, and students connect, for various purposes, unbound by the constraints we’ve just grown to accept.
Explore real cases uses, possible future uses, reactions, benefits, and drawbacks based on our trials, anecdotes, and data. Envision and consider together the telepresence robot model as a means of enhancing learning, networking, and community. The model nurtures bonds, positively impacts outcomes, and amplifies equity, inclusion, and access to information, services, opportunities, and the education/work space. Imagine!

Post-Pandemic & The Great Resignation: Modern Strategies To Prepare Today’s Job Candidate


Sponsored by: RocketBlocks

Danielle Glynn
Sr. Director- External Engagement
University of San Francisco - School of Management
Rushab Kamdar
Think Business 360

In today’s post-pandemic job landscape, companies are looking beyond the traditional resume. 85% of jobs are filled through networking and 70% of jobs are never published publicly. The “Great Resignation” has further emphasized this shift where candidates are seeking purpose vs. a paycheck. Personal brand is becoming the differentiator for recruiters seeking out top-talent. Reskilling, upskilling and storytelling are becoming integral to a candidate’s strengths. In a market where the job candidate can exercise choice, while companies are increasingly selective on talent, join this informative session on the modern strategies required to prepare candidates on landing their desired job.

Specialty Masters Reporting Standards


Sponsored by: 12Twenty



Beth Ursin
Standards Consultant

Learn about the key features of the Standards for Reporting Specialty Masters Employment Statistics. The session will include an introduction to the Standards and their application, as well as Q&A and feedback relating to members’ observations in the past few years of implementing these standards.

The Rise of the Renege: Ethical Questions and Action Plans


Heidi Cuthbertson
Campus Relations & Strategy Lead
Ball Aerospace
Jennifer Applebee
Associate Director, Recruiting and Employer Relations
Rice University - Jones Graduate School of Business

In the current job seeker market, offer reneges and declines have been on the rise, creating a headache for employers and career center staff alike. In the first half of this session, we will explore the ethics of reneges from both the employer and school perspectives with small group discussions. For the second part, we will crowdsource ideas and action items that we can all use to minimize the increasing trend of students backing out of accepted offers.

Where Worlds Collide: Aligning Careers Services and Student Life


Sponsored by: GF Job Assessment Experts

Lisa Umenyiora
Executive Director, Careers and Student Life
Imperial College Business School
Gemma Robertson
Director of Employer Relations
Imperial College Business School

With the increased focus on student experience, many schools now have a Student Life team distinct from Careers Services but to what extent do these two non-curricular teams engage, align, and support the same objectives? Imperial College Business School has aligned its Careers and Student Life teams to form one department. We will share why and how this approach was taken, challenges faced, and early benefits seen, covering topics including global strategy, career clubs, and student leadership. While we merged offices, we will share many opportunities that could also be explored as partnerships. There will be time for experience sharing and Q&A and you'll leave with ideas you can apply back home regardless of team size/structure.

Facilitated Deep Dives

Facilitators TBA

Join us to take a closer look at some of the topics that were discussed by our keynote speaker and employer panel, including:

  • Work environment arrangements

  • Skill progression needs

  • Engagement level of students/new employees

  • Future of Technology


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