2022 Global Conference
Frequently Asked Questions





What health and safety precautions will be taken during the event?
Click here to view the precautions that will be taken during the conference, including information from the hotel and the local area.

What is the maximum capacity for registration?
To properly implement the recommended safety precautions, the maximum capacity will be 420 registrants. Should CDC recommendations or virus spread change in the months leading up to the event, the cap may be increased.

A waitlist has been established to accommodate additional attendees if feasible.

What is the maximum number of participants each organization can bring?
To accommodate distancing guidelines and give all member organizations equal opportunity to participate, registration will be limited to four attendees from each organization. A waitlist has been established to accommodate additional attendees if feasible.

How do I sign up for the waitlist?
Click here to sign up.

How will the waitlist work?
After an organization has registered four attendees, additional registrants can click here to be added to the waitlist. After the total registration reaches 420, all additional registrants can click here to be added to the waitlist as well.

To provide equal opportunity for all member institutions to attend the conference, priority on the waitlist will be given to organizations who have not registered any participants. After that, the date in which each attendee was added to the list will be given priority. If a spot becomes available, we will contact those on the waitlist in order as described above. A deadline will be provided, after which the spot will be made available to the next person on the list.

When will the waitlist be considered?
We will start looking at the waitlist after the early bird dealine (April 22).

How will I provide proof of my vaccination status?
After you register for the conference, you will receive information about how to download a mobile app called CLEAR that will collect the information about your vaccine status. The same app will be used for daily health checks during the event.

Will my health information be kept confidential?
The CLEAR app will keep all information confidential, and it will not be shared with MBA CSEA. We will only receive information once an attendee’s information is approved to allow us to track attendance eligibility.

What other changes will be implemented due to health and safety protocol?

  • There will be an overflow room used for the large conference sessions (keynote speaker and plenary session). The speaker will be broadcast into the room.
  • There will be less breakout sessions than with pre-COVID events.

Will there be a virtual participation option?
While there won't be an option for a fully hybrid event, we are looking into the possibility of live streaming the keynote and plenary session, with a facilitated discussion about the topics via Zoom.



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