Wednesday 26th April 2023
1500-1900 Registration desk open


1800 -1915

1930- 2100

Mihi Whakatau

Welcome Drinks and Nibbles - Industry and Delegates- Trinity Wharf Hotel.

Trinity Hotel Lounge, come and enjoy a light walk and fork menu in this relaxed space inlcusive for all delegates, meal provided drinks at own cost.

Thursday 27th April 2023
0730-0815 All delegates Breakfast
0830-0835 Organising Committee Welcome: Introduction of MC Frankie Stevens
0835-0905 Opening Speakers: Rosalind Jackson (Chief Nursing Officer)   and Sarah Mitchell (Director Allied Health) welcome you to the Bay of Plenty
0905-0940 Angela Durham: Targets-  What are they and why do they matter?
0940-1015 Chris Rymill:Dual/Multi skilling in the Perioperative continuum; leading the way in the Bay.

Nicola Brown: Lightbulb moments: What really works


Nicola will continue with  "Open mic session"- She asks you to consider these questions

Over the past year...- what's the biggest work challenge you've personally faced? - what's the biggest challenge faced by your team, in your opinion?- what's the most satisfying win you've achieved at work? - what's been the biggest win for your team?

1215-1300 Linda Hutchins:Leadership in practice
1300 -1345 LUNCH
1345-1430 Linda Hutchins: Leadership through Uncertainty
1430-1515 Senior Leadership team- Dorothy McKeown, Julia Braid, Troy Browne, Garry McNicoll : "Moving worlds" to keep perioperative services going.
1545 -1615 Nardia Lloyd-Ashton: Workforce Wellbeing
1615-1700 "This is what's new shining in our world": 9 Companies will each present a 4 minutes evelator pitch 
1620-1800 Visit Cubro's Opritech OR ; transport to/from hotel -back in time to don 80's attire for the Conference dinner., to join this experience e. 

Buses Depart from Trinity Wharf Hotel; to Conference Dinner at Tauranga Yacht Club

CUBRO Conference Dinner;

We are celebrating the 80's so find that demin- break out the tie dyed or add the chunky necklace

Friday 28th April 2023
0730- 0815 All delegates Breakfast
0830-0900 Jason Gurney : Disparities in post-operative mortality between maori and non-indigenous ethinic groups in New Zealand
0900-0930 Sarah Hydes: Scrub vs Rub: Changing surgical antisepsis techniques for supporting skin health and compliance
0930-1015 Sir Dr Ashley Bloomfield: Lessons on life and leadership from Covid 19
1045-1130 DOTS communication workshop: Identifying the best way to get on each others wavelength
1130-1215 Dr Craig Ellis: Planning for natural disasters - how can what we do - HELP YOU
1215 -1300 LUNCH
1300 -1345

Kevin Henshall: Looking into my Crystall Ball- what do l see?

1345- 1430

Ros Wood: From Gramophone to iphones  

1430 -1515 What is the future for our conference? who is attending? is the conference name still correct? Next location offering to host this conference. Sharon Turner and Kevin Henshall moderate