Company Generated Material

Company Virtual Zone:

A virtual ‘room’ of educational materials, demonstrations and products promoted: items placed in the Virtual Zone will be developed by your company and displays product ranges and short product presentations – could be interactive and maybe hosted on your own platform.

Set up of Virtual Zone: £950.00 per placement (plus production costs if required)


Professionally produced scientific educational materials: promoted in the programme as well as prior to the meeting. Allows you to promote you product in a ‘clinical’ format. We would encourage a CPD standard.

£550.00 per placement of existing Webinar (plus production if required)

Product 'Demos':

This can range from an extended advertisement through to a case history presented by a clinician
£450.00 per placement (plus production costs if required)

 Diary Link:

APAGBI can promote an ‘executive link’ before during and after the event. 
£150.00 per placement (plus production if required).

(No charge if sponsorship exceeds £1,250.00)

Exhibition ‘Room’:

For delegates to visit a virtual room with a range of products on display. The delegates can move round the room and visit poster displays, tables and racks of products each with information attached. Companies may have generated this facility already and the APAGBI technical team can make the associated links with your material. Alternatively APAGBI can put you in touch with the appropriate team to develop such engaging facilities

£650.00 per Virtual Room (plus development of material if required)

In the first instance please contact: Peter Mainprice on 07961 356290 or via email at Online video meeting facilities are available to create planning meetings between your team and Peter.