News Updates

BiteSize 14th July:  International Faculty published: Karin Becke, Germany, Nicola Clausen, Denmark, Zoë Burton, UK and Suellen Walker, UK.


ASM Online May 2021: with 

Dr Laszlo Vutskits, Geneva; Dr Augusto Sola, Florida and Dr Ian Yuan, Philadelphia plus Professor Kevin Fong, London and Dr Sarah El-Sheikha, Mersey.

The recording will be published soon with access for attendees and new registrations

APAGBI Linkman: Thank you to all who particiapted in the first Linkman event Online'. The recorded event will be launched soon.

Company Prospectus for APAGBI Online Series is published: Colin Dryden, Chair of APAGBI Meetings Committee is keen to have companies work with the organisers to get ROI through the Online Series. See video and details here.

APAGBI Online 2021 Series

Welcome to the information about the APAGBI Online 2021 Series

The pandemic has challenged us to reconsider how we fulfil the Association’s stated aim to promote high standards in the specialty of paediatric anaesthesia through education and research. While we eagerly anticipate the ability to resume physical meetings at the earliest opportunity, the continuing uncertainty over when it will be practical to do so has brought us to the decision that for 2021, our Association’s meetings will be virtual under the banner of our new brand “APAGBI Online”. We regard this development as an opportunity to embrace the evolution of conferencing and, by eliminating the barriers of cost and time consumed by travel, to make our events more readily accessible to a widening audience with an appetite for quality CPD.
Plans are well underway to stage four online meetings during 2021, and further information about these is set out on the web pages which follow. Contributions will be invited from a range of experts to help produce a programme that is diverse and stimulating, and the events will include suitable opportunity for challenge and debate involving the audience. Information will be added as it becomes available, so please check back regularly for updates to content and presenters.
The annual prizes for research abstracts will be awarded via the virtual Annual Scientific Meeting in May, with the traditional range of oral and poster presentations. We will be opening the process for this very shortly by inviting submissions from all who have a research project they would like to share.
While access to each of the events is secured for a modest registration fee, there is further value to be gained by taking advantage of early booking discounts. We are therefore posting the dates for the 2021 series now to allow you to plan ahead in order to reap the benefit of these offers.
Finally, looking ahead beyond 2021, if you have a topic in mind which you would like to see included in a future APAGBI Online event, please do send your idea to and the Secretariat will forward this to me for future programme planning.

I hope to welcome you to one or some of our 2021 Series. 

Colin Dryden, Chair, APAGBI Meetings Committee 



10th February 2021

3pm to 5pm GMT


APAGBI “Bitesize Meeting” 

14th July 2021

 3pm to 5pm BST

APAGBI Annual Scientific Meeting   

 13th May 2021 

1.30pm to 5.30pm BST


Thursday 4th November 2021

3pm to 5pm GMT