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About the conference: The 2021 Textile Sustainability Conference unites leaders from across the textile and apparel industry to tackle urgent climate action on fiber and materials. Join industry trailblazers and peers for Textile Exchange’s annual global conference, in collaboration with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Taking place in Dublin, Ireland November 15-19, 2021, with both in-person and virtual attendance options.  


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Join #TextileSustainability21 to connect with change-makers from around the globe + learn from experts on today’s most pressing #sustainability topics. Want to join us in taking #climateaction? Register today: 




Excited to attend the #TextileSustainability21 conference on Nov 15-19 to learn about today’s pressing #sustainability topics. We’ll connect with industry leaders to take #climateaction and accelerate how we transform the textile sector. On the agenda:  regenerative ag, traceability, circularity, standards + preferred fiber and materials… and more! View the agenda and register at #climateactionnow 






I look forward to presenting about [INSERT TOPIC] at #TextileSustainability21, where industry leaders will be addressing pressing #sustainability topics and creating an impact through partnership. Join me in taking #climateactionnow! Register at 


I’m speaking at the 2020 Textile Sustainability Conference in session ___ on Nov. ___! Learn more here: #climateactionnow  


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I’m speaking at [INSERT TOPIC] at the #TextileSustainability21 conference, from Nov 15-19, where industry experts are gathering to talk about accelerating #sustainability and #climateaction in the textile sector. Conference topics include biodiversity, regenerative ag, traceability, circularity, standards + preferred fibers and much more. View the agenda and register at 

I’m speaking at the 2021 Textile Sustainability Conference in partnership with Sustainable Apparel Coalition in session ___ on Nov. ___! Learn more here: #climateactionnow   


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We’re excited to exhibit at (or sponsor) #TextileSustainability21, where industry leaders will be addressing pressing #sustainability topics + taking #climateaction. Visit us in-person or virtually! Register at 

Company ___ is a proud sponsor of the 2021 Textile Sustainability Conference. Discover more at #TextileSustainability21 




We’re proud to be exhibiting at (or sponsoring) #TextileSustainability21 in-person and virtual conference, from Nov 15-19, where industry experts will discuss how to accelerate preferred fiber & materials + climate action in the industry. View the agenda and register at Make sure to visit us in the exhibit hall!  


Company ___ is a proud exhibitor at the 2021 Textile Sustainability Conference. Meet with us on Nov. 15-19. Discover more at #TextileSustainability21 

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