Western Academy of Management 2018

Western Academy of Management 2018 Conference

March 7-10, 2018 / Salt Lake City, Utah
Theme: Standing the Test of Time! Resilience and Transformation

Call for Papers


Important Dates

Paper Submission Opens September 11, 2017
Paper Submission Deadline October 2, 2017 October 4, 2017 at 5:00pm PDT
Author Notification of Acceptance/Rejection November 21, 2017


2018 WAM Conference Submission Guidelines

(Click here to download a PDF version of the Submission Guidelines)

Traditional Papers

Traditional conceptual and empirical papers are included in this category. They should be no more than 30 pages, including everything (references, appendices, tables, etc.). Authors whose traditional papers are accepted will have approximately 15 minutes to present their work. Traditional papers will be blind reviewed. Submissions that include author-identifying information will not be reviewed.

Developmental Papers

Developmental submissions should be between 1000 and 2000 words of text in length (excluding references and tables). Papers that are shorter or longer than this will not be reviewed. There are three categories of developmental papers: research proposals, conceptual papers, and empirical papers. Research proposals should include research questions or hypotheses, a brief summary of the literature that has informed the questions, and proposed methods for data collection and analysis. An empirical paper should include the same elements as a research proposal submission and also some preliminary analyses. Conceptual papers should include a description of the relevant literature and some preliminary ideas for the theoretical contribution. Developmental papers will be blind reviewed. Submissions that include author-identifying information will not be reviewed.

Developmental submissions that are accepted will be assigned to a group with other developmental papers. Each author will have 5 minutes to informally present their ideas, and will then listen silently for 10 minutes as the other participants discuss the work. There will be 5 minutes at the end for follow-up questions or discussion. Authors will be expected to review each other’s work in advance and come prepared to participate in these discussions. 

Symposia, Workshops, and Panels 

These submissions are not blind reviewed and should include author information. They will be judged on the following criteria: (a) How well prepared is the submission? (b) How likely is it to appeal to a broad audience? (c) How “WAM-y” is it? (i.e., is it innovative, creative, edgy, and likely to provoke conversation?)

                Symposia: The proposal must include a 3 to 5 page summary of the session and proposed format, as well as a 2 to 3 page description of each panelist or section (as relevant) in the session. Symposia should fit into a 90-minute session.

                Workshops: Submissions must provide a 3 to 5 page description of the focus of the workshop (e.g. teaching, research methods, etc.), the intended target audience, proposed session content and format, and a clear description of how the session will add value for the target audience. Workshop submissions should specify a time requirement of 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

                Panels: Submissions must include a 3 to 5 page description of the focus of the panel and its intended contribution, the participants and facilitator, and the target audience. The submission also should specify a time requirement of 60 or 90 minutes. 

Submission and Formatting Guidelines

Manuscripts should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all four sides. The page setup should be for standard U.S. letter size (8.5 x 11 inches). Manuscripts should be prepared in Times New Roman font, size 12.

Each submission must be submitted as a single document in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) or Rich Text format (.rtf).   

If a traditional or developmental paper is accepted, at least one author must register and present their work at the conference. For other submission formats (symposia, workshops and panels), all listed participants must register and present.

We follow the Academy of Management's Rule of Three: no participant is allowed to be included as an author, presenter, session chair, discussant, etc. in more than three program sessions.

Submission Tracks

  1. Organizational Behavior/Human Resources Management
  2. Leadership
  3. International Business Management
  4. Organization and Management Theory
  5. Technology and Innovation
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Business Policy and Strategy
  8. ONE/SIM (Organizations and the Natural Environment/Social Issues in Management)
  9. Organizational Development and Careers
  10. Education 


Should you have any questions on paper submission, please contact WAM2018 at icsevents.com.