9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference


Please be aware that the World Indigenous Peoples' Conference will begin on Sunday 14 September at 2pm for registration with transfers leaving the convention centre at 4pm for the Welcome Reception. The conference will conclude on Tuesday 16 September at 5.30pm. The 9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference will begin on Wednesday 17 September at 12.30pm and conclude on Friday 19 September at 5pm.

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Purpose of Conference

Bringing together members of the indigenous populations of the world, this first gathering of the World’s Indigenous Peoples to discuss Viral Hepatitis has four major aims:

  •  To discuss our knowledge of the prevalence of hepatitis viruses in Indigenous Peoples across the globe and to summarise current national activities;
  • To deliberate and produce a consensus statement on Viral Hepatitis and Indigenous Peoples to assist nations, states, clinicians, researchers, scientists, people living with hepatitis, and indigenous communities, to address viral hepatitis;
  • To inaugurate an International Committee with membership from Indigenous Peoples across the globe;
  • To develop an on-going agenda for 2015-2025 for future conferences, workshops and symposia.

Themes of the Conference

The conference will focus on Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) across a broad agenda from clinical medicine and research, health services and public health, through to self-determination and human rights.  Specifically we invite papers to be delivered orally in 15 minute sessions from indigenous people which focus on:

  • Prevalence and Incidence
  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Cultural Care and Indigenous Approaches
  • National Strategies
  • Stigma and Discrimination
  • Human Rights
  • Quality Care
  • Medicines and Pharmaceuticals
  • Models of Care in Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • Co-infection (HIV/HBV; HIV/HCV; HBV/HCV)

During the conference we will host a caucus of Indigenous Peoples to finalise a Consensus Statement, formulate an agenda for 2015-2025, and inaugurate an International Committee (World Indigenous Forum on Viral Hepatitis).

Co-Convenors:  Associate ProfessorJames Ward (Australia) & Professor Chris Cunningham (New Zealand)