9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference

World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Viral Hepatitis 14 - 16 September 2014

Back-to-back with

9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference 17 - 19 September 2014
Alice Springs Convention Centre, Alice Springs

World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Viral Hepatitis

*Subject to change

The Conference will begin at 2pm Sunday 14 September for registration with transfers leaving the convention centre for the Welcome Reception at 4pm. It will conclude at 5.30pm Tuesday 16 September.

We are holding an International Indigenous Viral Hepatitis Meeting on 14 - 16 September 2014 in Alice Springs, Australia, back-to-back with the 9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference on September 17 - 19. The vision for the Meeting is to be a forum to examine the health burden of viral hepatitis in Indigenous peoples, to share common experiences and innovative solutions and to develop new relationships which enable collective responses into the future. This is intended to be the first of a series of such meetings.

The program will reflect the breadth of work underway in this area, spanning human rights, development, community engagement, basic science research, clinical service provision, healthcare delivery and public health and prevention. The involvement of Indigenous peoples in all aspects of the project will be key to its success.

Our Australia hosts, the Arrernte people of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), will welcome delegates to their land on the Sunday evening prior to the start of the conference. All delegates are invited to attend the ceremony which will be followed by an outdoor dinner.

Co-Convenors: Associate Professor James Ward (Australia) and Professor Chris Cunningham (New Zealand)

9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference

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*Subject to change

The conference will begin at 12.30pm Wednesday 17 September and conclude at 5pm Friday 19 September.

The Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference is the leading multidisciplinary Viral Hepatitis conference in Australasia. The conference is held biennially and was first held in Sydney in 1997 and then subsequently Christchurch (NZ) in 1999, Melbourne in 2002, Canberra in 2004 (back-to-back with the ASHM Conference), Sydney in 2006, Brisbane in 2008 (back-to-back with the Australian Gastroenterology Week), Melbourne in 2010 and most recently in Auckland 2012.

The Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference currently attracts delegates including Viral Hepatitis Specialists, Gastroenterologists, Physicians, General Practitioners, Nurses, Social Workers, Community Workers, Educators, Pharmaceutical Company Representatives, Basic Scientists, Infectious Disease Specialists, Researchers, National/State & Territory Government Agency Personnel, Non-Government Organisations Personnel, Regional/Area Health Authority Personnel, People Living with Viral Hepatitis.

This years conference will focus on central issues in Viral Hepatitis in 2014. Further information on the conference program will be constantly updated on the website as we approach the conference.

Our theme convenors have provided information on what the program will be covering. Please see our program page for further information.