9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference

World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Viral Hepatitis & 9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference Presentations

Date Speaker Presentation Title
15/09/14 James Ward Opening Keynote Address: First Peoples of Australia and Viral Hepatitis - Our Story
15/09/14 Chris Cunningham Keynote Address: Viral Hepatitis Among the World's Indigenous Peoples
15/09/14 Brian McMahon Management of Chronic Hepatitis B and C in Indigenous Populations living in Remote Areas: The Alaska Native Hepatitis Program Experience
15/09/14 John Ward Viral Hepatitis in The First Nations Peoples of North America

15/09/14 Wornei Braga Hepatitis B and D in Brazilian Amazon Region Indigenous Populations – Prevalence, Clinical and Molecular Aspects
15/09/14 Ana Salestino Viral Hepatitis, Health and Perspective of Indigenous People of Brazil (with translation)
15/09/14 Marcelo Naveira Strategies of the Brazilian Government to Reach the Indigenous People and Provide Diagnosis, Prevention and Care

15/09/14 John Boffa & Warwick Beever The outcome of a Hepatitis B clinical audit at the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Aboriginal Corporation
15/09/14 Lilly Yuen The beachcomber trail of HBV-C subgenotypes along the route followed by the first wave of Homo sapiens out of Africa
15/09/14 Margaret Littlejohn Phylogeography of Hepatitis B Virus, sub-genotype C4 in Indigenous Australians

15/09/14 Peter Waples-Crowe & Andrew Bamblett Yarning about Hep C; Aboriginal Victorians telling our stories about living with Hep C

15/09/14 Jane Davies “Only Your Blood Can Tell the True Story”: A New iPad-based Educational Resource on HBV
15/09/14 Vladimir Chulanov Viral Hepatitis in the Circumpolar Region of Russia

15/09/14 Garry Irving & Peter Waples-Crowe Yarning about hep B: an awareness and educational program for Victorian Aboriginal communities
15/09/14 Rhondda Lewis, Milton Mossman & Katrina Connolly The establishment of a culturally sensitive hepatitis B surveillance program in an semiurban indigenous community inYarrabah Far North Queensland
15/09/14 John Hornell A New Zealand Community-Based Model for Follow-up of People with Chronic Hepatitis B: Does it make a difference?
15/09/14 Anna Olsen “It really is in a pretty competitive space to get a profile”: Facilitators and barriers to providing hepatitis B clinical care to Aboriginal people in South Australia

15/09/14 Mark Stoove Prevalence and incidence of chronic hepatitis C among indigenous people who inject drugs in Melbourne, Australia
15/09/14 Mary Ellen Harrod A descriptive analysis of routine HCV testing data from four Aboriginal Community Controlled Health services: testing, positivity, follow up and context of testing
15/09/14 Loren Brener Assessing the knowledge, care and treatment of Aboriginal people living with hepatitis C in NSW
15/09/14 Carla Treloar Assessing the Knowledge, Care and Treatment of Aboriginal People Living with Hepatitis C in New South Wales: Information, Stigma and Resilience

16/09/14 Karstan Rex Alcohol Intake and Liver Biochemistry in Inuit with Frequent Hepatitis B Virus Infection: A Population-based Comparative Epidemiological Survey in Grenland and Denmark
16/09/14 Jessica Leston Increasing Primary Care Capacity for Hepatitis C Screening, Care and Treatment for American Indian/Alaska Native People
16/09/14 Hans Hsienhong Lin Hepatitis among Indigenous People of Taiwan

16/09/14 Jane Davies Can the current Hepatitis B vaccine mark the end of the Australia antigen in the Northern Territory of Australia or is the Territory just different?

16/09/14 Aimee Capper The Connection’s “Young, Strong & Smart” Leadership Program- Working Together as Peers to Educate on Viral Hepatitis within the Aboriginal Community.
16/09/14 Damian House Aboriginal Hepatitis C Peer Education in Inner West Sydney
16/09/14 Leona Quewezance Living with Hepatitis C – is there hope?

16/09/14 Stephen Locarnini Viral Hepatitis: Biogeography and Pathogenesis
16/09/14 Deiter Glebe Relevance of Hepatitis B Virus Genotypes in HBV/HIV Coinfected Patients from Sudan

16/09/14 Gladys Ramirez Prada Epidemiology of Hepatitis in Peru and Loreto Region (with translation)
16/09/14 Pillar Collantes Tomasa’s Journey and Kandozi-Shapra Peoples in their Struggle Against Hepatitis B: A Story of Love and Power from Peru

9th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference Presentations

Date Speaker Presentation Title
17/09/14 Helen Tyrell & John Hornell Auckland Statement - Report Card
17/09/14 John Ward From Data to Policy: Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Prevention Policies in the United States
17/09/14 Alex Thompson State of the Art – Interferon-free therapy for hepatitis C
17/09/14 Alison Coelho Addressing Hepatitis B through Community Action

17/09/14 Michelle Micallef Treatment for Hepatitis C virus infection among people who inject drugs in the opioid substitution setting: The ETHOS Study
17/09/14 Carla Treloar Evaluation of Two Community-Controlled Peer Support Programs for Assessment and Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Opioid Substitution Treatment Clinics: The Ethos Study, Australia
17/09/14 Michelle Micallef Liverlife: A Healthy Liver Campaign among People Who Inject Drugs in the Drug and Alcohol Setting
17/09/14 Nicky Bath Liver Mates: Why must the affected community be supported to lead on the development and delivery of hepatitis C treatment and healthy liver interventions?

17/9/14 Benjamin Cowie Epidemiology of chronic hepatitis B in key priority populations - similarities and differences

18/9/14 Giten Khwairakpam  Advocating for access to HCV treatment: Community experiences from Asia

18/09/14 Jason Grebely Declining Incidence of Hepatitis C Virus Infection among People Who Inject Drugs in a Canadian Setting, 1996-2012
18/09/14 Bethany White Opioid substitution treatment protects against hepatitis C virus acquisition in people who inject drugs: The HITS-c study
18/09/14 Jennifer MacLachlan Trends in chronic hepatitis B diagnosis In Australia, 2009-2013
18/09/14 Maryam Alavi Time to Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Notification of Hepatitis B or C Infection: A Population-Based Cohort Study, 1992–2007

18/09/14 Carolyn Day The role of financial incentives in developing hepatitis B immunity following accelerated vaccination among people who inject drugs in Sydney, Australia: randomised controlled trial
18/09/14 Gillian Rosenberg Treating Immune-tolerant HBV: Factors Associated with Significant Decline in HBeAg and HBsAg Levels
18/09/14 Tracey Cabrie Improving quality of care for people living with hepatitis B in primary care: preliminary data from the Integrated Hepatitis B Service
18/09/14 Sarah Beynon Management of Hepatitis B during pregnancy at Geelong Hospital: a retrospective review

18/09/14 Suzanne Fraser Everyday objects and injecting: Why do people who inject drugs in sexual partnerships ‘run out’ of sterile equipment?
18/09/14 Jake Rance Negotiating risk, navigating relationship: accounts of needle-syringe sharing within romantic partnerships
18/09/14 Carla Treloar Innovation in Hepatitis C Prevention: A Trial of Symbiotic and Pleasure-Based Messages with NSP Staff and Clients
18/09/14 Yvonne Samuel Peer Education the forgotten tool for fighting viral hepatitis
18/09/14 Sione Crawford Building on Shaky Ground - a Peer Educator and Peer Leader Program in the ACT
18/09/14 Carla Treloar Acquiring Hepatitis C in Prison: A Qualitative Study of the HITSP Cohort

18/09/14 Angella Duvnjak So Heppy Together: Perceptions of peers and its impact on south-south hepatitis C capacity building collaborations
18/09/14 Lana Pocock Hepatitis workforce development: A decade of learning The ABCs
18/09/14 Bradley Whitton Improving chlamydia and hepatitis C awareness through a sexual and reproductive health education program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Victorian secondary schools 

18/09/14 Maggie Bassendine HBV Reactivation: Playing with fire

18/09/14 Annie Madden Introduction and overview: why are human rights, the law and discrimination important in viral hepatitis
18/09/14 Bridget Akers Vignette 3 – Workplace discrimination

18/09/14 Nadia Warner How does hepatitis cause liver cancer?
18/09/14 Scott Bowden Novel diagnostics in viral hepatitis – how can they address the liver cancer burden?
18/09/14 Josh Davis Liver cancer in the Northern Territory – recent data and how it can guide diagnosis and management
18/09/14 Monica Robotin The National Liver Cancer Prevention Policy and future policy directions for Australian Cancer Councils
18/09/14 Monica Robotin Launch - Liver cancer resource for people affected by primary liver cancer in four languages

18/09/14 Nicole Allard The cascade of care for people living with chronic hepatitis B: access to treatment and monitoring in Australia
18/09/14 Jason Grebely The HCV Care Cascade: Mapping the HCV clinical care pathway in Australia
18/09/14 Enaam Oudih Cultural lenses – Pathways to care from prevention to treatment

18/09/14 Rebecca Katiforis Successes and challenges of delivering hepatits C nursing care in the Top End
18/09/14 Frances Tenison & Damian House From Treatment to Peer Worker
18/09/14 Jacqui Richmond Hepatology Nursing in the Era of Expanding Hepatitis C Evidence
18/09/14 Rosalie Altus Hepatitis C in SA from Tertiary to Primary Care

18/09/14 Judith Bevan Chronic Hepatitis Primary Care Pathway
18/09/14 Nicky Bath Livermates

18/09/14 Alex Thompson Genetic determinants of HCV treatment outcome
18/09/14 Jun Gu Hepatitis C virus can accumulate mutations that confer resistance to a novel broadly neutralizing antibody MAb24
18/09/14 Silvana Gaudieri Naturally occurring dominant drug resistance mutations occur infrequently in the setting of recently acquired hepatitis C
18/09/14 Eric Gowans Cytolytic DNA vaccines enhance immunity to hepatitis C virus

19/096/14 Maggie Bassendine Hepatitis C genotype 3 infection – Is it the new Genotype 1?
19/09/14 Greg Dore Expanding access to hepatitis C treatment through primary care: challenges and opportunities

19/09/14 Jenny Iversen NSP in urban, rural and regional settings – distribution models and viral hepatitis prevention coverage
19/09/14 Adrian Dunlop Providing OST in rural/regional settings – what are the opportunities to enhance viral hepatitis prevention and care
19/09/14 Phillip Read Integrated viral hepatitis primary care models in rural and regional settings – Insights from the Kirketon Road Centre
19/09/14 Nicky Bath BBV prevention in Aboriginal communities: the perspectives of Aboriginal PWID from the RISE Project

19/09/14 Jack Wallace No vaccination against discrimination: Chinese Viral Hepatitis Needs Assessment
19/09/14 Marina Suarez Tradition and Innovation Working Hand in Hand: Engaging Communities Affected by Chronic Hepatitis B
19/09/14 Sharna Ciotti Know Your Hepatitis B Status (with African communities)

19/09/14 Marc Pellegrini Novel therapeutic that kills HBV infected cells
19/09/14 Margaret Littlejohn Prevalence and Molecular Virology of Hepatitis Delta Virus in the Western Pacific Region

19/09/14 Dhruba Acharya Trends of hepatitis B surface antigen carriage in central Nepal: a reality check from a mass screening after nationwide HBV vaccination
19/09/14 Jennifer MacLachlan Estimating uptake of treatment for chronic hepatitis B infection across Australia
19/09/14 Monica Robotin Characteristics of chronic hepatitis B infection in SW Sydney: clinical correlates and policy implications
19/09/14 Kevin Marriott Champions and challenges in Australia’s response to Blood Borne Viruses

19/09/14 Behzad Hajarizadeh Factors Associated with Hepatitis C Virus Rna Levels in Early Acute and Early Chronic Infection: The Inc3 Study
19/09/14 Maryam Alavi Effect of Treatment Willingness on Specialist Assessment and Treatment Uptake for Hepatitis C Virus Infection among People Who Use Drugs: The Ethos Study
19/09/14 Greg Dore Regression of advanced fibrosis following virological response to anti-HCV therapy
19/09/14 Stuart Roberts Efficacy and Safety of Daclatasvir in Combination with Asunaprevir (Dcv+Asv) in Cirrhotic and Non-Cirrhotic Patients with Hcv Genotype 1b: Results of the Hallmark Dual Study
19/09/14 Anna Olsen Treating hepatitis C: Does gender matter?

19/09/14 Jacqui Richmond Psychosocial Health among People with Chronic Hepatitis B in Australia
19/09/14 Jacqui Richmond Hepatitis C and Ageing: Perspectives from the Clinical, Community and Government Sectors
19/09/14 Andrew Bamblett & Peter Waples-Crowe Yarning about Hep C; Aboriginal Victorians telling our stories about living with Hep C
19/096/14 Kerry Walker Your Mob, My Mob, Our Mob (YMMMOM) Peer Education Project

19/09/14 Rosalind Edwards Hepatitis B Virus in African immigrants living in Australia
19/09/14 Scott Bowden Use of Biomarkers to Monitor HBV Therapy

19/09/14 Behzad Hajarizadeh Hepatitis B Knowledge among People with Chronic Hepatitis B in Australia
19/09/14 Peter Waples-Crowe Increasing the Victorian ACCHO response to injecting drugs and hepatitis c prevention
19/09/14 Zoe Stephens The impact of overseas hepatitis B vaccination programs on the future burden of hepatitis B in Australia
19/09/14 Luke McCredie Incident hepatitis B infection and immunisation uptake in Australian prison inmates

19/09/14 John Hornell Pilot for a community-based assessment and support programme for hepatitis C in New Zealand
19/09/14 James Elliott No prejudice! Being a prisoner, indigenous or having a psychiatric illness should not limit access to treatment for chronic hepatitis c infection
19/09/14 David Baker Treating Hepatitis C in Primary Care: Results from a Pilot Program

19/09/14 Victoria Sublette Psychosocial Factors Influencing Successful Interferon-Based Hepatitis C Treatment Outcomes
19/09/14 Erin Devine Fibroscan Testing as a Community Engagement Strategy
19/09/14 Gabrielle Bennett Evaluation of “The hepatitis B story” – an educational resource to use in discussion with people who have low health literacy
19/09/14 Jodie Walton Looking Beyond the Bars – The first hepatitis C treatment program in Qld for women in custody

19/09/14 Evan Cunningham Phylogenetic clustering of Hepatitis C among street-involved youth in Vancouver, Canada
19/09/14 Brendan Jacka Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis C virus infections among people who inject drugs in Vancouver, Canada
19/09/14 Tanya Applegate Factors associated with phylogenetic clustering of acute hepatitis C virus infection in Australia
19/09/14 Behzad Hajarizadeh Patterns of Hepatitis C Virus RNA Levels during Acute Infection: The InC3 Study

19/09/14 Greg Dore Debate - Hepatitis C vaccine development is still required in the era of vastly improved treatment
19/09/14 Melanie Eagle Debate - Despite the availability of effective treatments and vaccination for hepatitis B, we should prioritise funding for research to find a cure