2019 Pacific Northwest Clerks Institute

Professional Development III

Communicate Like a Pro

Most of us do not look forward to public speaking. This course helps de-mystify the process of public speaking and will improve your confidence and comfort with giving public presentations. Discover Asian and American techniques to communicate, motivate, build teams, manage stress, promote wellness, and increase productivity and morale. Get practical tips on e-mail, meetings, conflict, public speaking voice, stories and even drawing cartoons.

Crisis Communications for Clerks/Recorders

Earthquakes. Forest Fires. Citizen Protests. Cyber Attacks. Political Drama. Floods. Violence and Security Incidents. Public Health Emergencies. During crisis situations, Clerks/Recorders often become the spokesperson for their department, elected body, or even for their entire municipality. This session will provide the public information officer tools necessary to function in this often high-stress and high-visibility role. Participants will receive an introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS), continuity of operations principles, and the appropriate roles a Clerk/Recorder might serve in the ICS structure. Role playing and interactive group activities will provide tools regarding how to write a press release or official statement, media relations and interview skills, a basic understanding of social media management during crisis, and records keeping concepts to document response efforts. 


Participants will come away from this session with a better understanding of the process that leads to effective decisions. In addition, you will also learn to better communicate the process and consequently garner more support for your decisions.

Developing Effective Workplace Policies

Does your organization rely too heavily on the “institutional knowledge” of longtime employees?  Do you struggle to get staff to read (or follow) your agency rules? Are your existing policies outdated? In this session, the trainer will provide you with critical tools for creating “reader-friendly” rules, such as:

·         Learn what policies should (and shouldn’t) include.

·         How to plan policies before you write them.

·         Editing policies for clarity & brevity.

·         Formatting policies so they’re easy to skim.

Healthy Organizations - Essential to Organizational Success  

Successful organizations, whether government or a small business, occur when management, operations, strategy, and culture work together seamlessly. Known as organizational health, it an organization where employees at all levels of the organization have an opportunity to accomplish goals far beyond their expectations or that of their immediate supervisors. But, first critical to the health of an organization IS the development of Cohesive Leadership Team. This interactive session will identify symptoms of unhealthy organizations and compare them to the characteristics of healthy organizations. Participants will then explore strategies for strengthening the health of their organizations and/or getting to back on track.

Navigating Through Intergenerational Workgroup Challenges

This interactive seminar will help participants better understand and cope with the challenges presented by the very different and distinctive generations in the modern-day workplace.   Employees report feeling overwhelmed as the different generations struggle to communicate with each other and to find common ground.  In this workshop, attendees will learn:

·         Common characteristics of the different generational groups.

·         Some of the historical, cultural, and economic factors that have shaped generational perspectives.

·         The value of having such diversity and expertise on the same team.

·         How to use the talents, experience, and skills of each generation.

·         Tips for strengthening communications between the different generations.

·         How to give suggestions for improvements in a way that limits conflict.

·         How to approach a coworker with a different perspective.

Power Talk

You find yourself sitting at a table of clerks/recorders sharing work-related experiences. What questions would you like to ask your peers? Questions related to social media, software and tools used to increase work production and efficiencies, working with elected officials, supervision and motivation strategies, records requests and records management tools, other best practices in the world of Clerkdom? We have so much to learn from one another in spite of our diversity. In this session, we will Power Talk about these topics and more using a roundtable format. You will gain a fresh perspective on a variety of topics; and, you will walk away with a list of resources, contacts, tips and strategies to help you in your pursuit of excellence.

Purpose Driven Leadership

Understand how leadership affects your success. Assess your leadership strengths and how your leadership affects your work and decision-making. Discover what leadership is and isn't.