NonStop TBC 2018

Pre-Conference Seminars at NonStop TBC 2018
Sunday, November 11th

Join your NonStop community before Boot Camp begins for a full day of NonStop pre-conference seminars and HPE NonStop Education courses. The full schedule and list of deep-dive topics will be announced soon.

The cost to attend the Pre-Conference Seminar is $295. To register for the pre-conference seminar, select it on your NonStop TBC 2018 registration form. For HPE NonStop Education courses, register here.

HPE NonStop Server Security - Implement Two Factor Authentication and Auditing

You already have tools to be more secure than you may realize! XYGATE® Merged Audit (XMA) and XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) are two key security solutions included with all new HPE NonStop servers. XMA intelligently merges audit data from multiple sources such as Safeguard, EMS, XYGATE, Base24, Base24-EPS (and others) into a single, normalized database to give you the security information you need, when you need it. Report on data, alert on data and send it all to your enterprise SIEM for clarity of your company’s overall security health. XUA Integrates NonStop authentication with a variety of authentication providers, including Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS and RSA SecurID. These provide Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) support for the HPE NonStop Server, addressing the latest PCI-DSS requirements “out of the box”. Join XYPRO for a NonStop TBC Pre-Conference Education session, taking you through configuring XMA for maximum efficiency and implementing XUA for Multi-factor authentication in a NonStop environment, at the same time securing your NonStop against today’s threats and addressing compliance. Sign up for this pre-con session and learn how to take advantage of the rich security tools you already have on your NonStop server.

Rob Lesan
Senior Solutions Archtitect

How to Build a Modern CyberSecurity Infrastructure

Keeping your most critical assets secure is challenging for any business. Limited staff, budgets and evolving criminal tactics put you at a disadvantage. In this session, we will break down the walls of individual solutions to create a security model. We will walk security professionals through how to secure their NonStop systems and assets using a layered, defence in depth approach to security. Using security solutions provided by HPE and XYPRO (some of which come with the NonStop server), we will discuss how encryption, access control, auditing, analytics, intelligence and more can leverage each other, helping you build the necessary layers to swing the advantage in your favor.

Steve Tcherchian
CISO, Director Product Management

DevOps and PCI Compliance

Meeting compliance requirements usually means reviewing many parts of your infrastructure.  During this session, learn what steps you can take in the DevOps process which can help your organization make significant progress towards meeting PCI Compliance.

Randall Becker

Workshop on application modernization for your legacy applications

During this “how to” session, Brad will demonstrate how to modernize your legacy applications. You will learn how to integrate external customers, business applications, web applications and more, into your existing applications without having to rewrite the applications. REST Server/Client, SOAP Server/Client, and also a Mobile use case will be demonstrated during this workshop. Bring examples and questions from your company to discuss in a open forum.

Brad Poole

Achieving Enterprise Protection with your NonStop system at the core

As the NonStop system is a core part of your business, it is important that sensitive data is protected. What happens to the data once it flows through the rest of your enterprise? How can it still be used downstream, and be protected at the same time? Data-centric security built upon the strengths of SecurDPS Enterprise will show you how to achieve enterprise protection easier than you may believe! Learn how you can get this done in your enterprise by attending this session.

Warren Poschman
Coming Soon TBA
Coming Soon TBA