NonStop TBC 2018
Keynote Speakers at NonStop TBC 2018

Dave Carlisle
IT Chief Technology Officer, HPE Fellow Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Transformative Power of NonStop

Dave Carlisle is IT CTO for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and an HPE Fellow. Dave will talk about an exciting program within HPE IT to transform applications used to run HPE's business to run on Virtual NonStop. For many applications, a key feature of this transformation is the use of SQL/MX instead of Oracle databases, bringing the benefits of the NonStop platform to the company’s production systems while also saving significant money.

Randy Meyer
Senior Vice President, Global Synergy and Mission Critical Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

What Hybrid IT Markets Demand

Randy will describe the current worldwide IT market, with a focus on Hybrid IT. Topics include: What is a Hybrid IT Market? What do companies who have Hybrid IT environments demand from their vendors? What are the many ways that HPE is meeting today’s market and poised to lead it in the future?

Jeff Kyle
VP & GM Mission Critical Systems
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Constant Innovation of NonStop Systems

Jeff will recap NonStop’s history of innovation, from the day that Tandem Computers brought out the first commercial single-fault-tolerant system to more recent developments including Virtual NonStop. He will then review the many ways to consume the NonStop platform today and describe our bright future in new markets.

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