Nordic Neuropediatric Congress 2018

Poster abstract book can be downloaded: Here

Abstract Submission

Deadline for abstracts: July 1st, 2018
Abstracts should be submitted to Nanette Mol Debes: nanette.marinette.monique.debes(a)

From the submitted abstracts three will be selected for oral presentation.
Kindly note you need to register to the meeting in order to submit an abstract.

Please follow to the instructions below:

(1) Use a sheet of A4 size paper or use this template

(2) Fonts and sizes:
- Abstract title: Use 13,5 points, bold, Times New Roman, Title should be centered.
Insert one blank line between the affiliations and the main text.
- Authors and co-authors and affiliations: Use 12 points, Times New Roman, please underline the main author, author's names, and affiliations should be centered.
- Abstract body: Use 12 points Times New Roman for the main text and left aligned. 2000 characters. Spacing and line spacing does not count.

(3) The abstract should be organized into the following sections: Abstract title, Author and co-authors, Background, Materials & Methods, Results and Conclusions. Insert one blank line between the: Background, Materials & Methods, Results and Conclusions.

(4) Please state if you prefer an oral or a poster presentation. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific committee and you will be informed in the beginning of August 2018 if your submission has been accepted. The Scientific committee will select three abstracts for oral presentation.

(5) Attach abstract in word format and send it to nanette.marinette.monique.debes(a)

Poster Mounting

Available space on the poster-board, for each poster, will be 92cm in width and 138cm in height. We recommend you print on A0 verticle format. There will be poster board and mounting tape prepared for you onsite.

Posters will be displayed in the back end of the plenary room. Posters can be mounted already from 12:00 on Thursday September 6th. Poster dismantle time: from 11:00-13:15 Saturday September 8th. Please note that all posters/materials left at the poster display area after 13:15 on September 8th will be discarded.