NAEMSP 2021 Annual Meeting - Exhibit Booth Registration

Advertising and Support Commitment Deadline - December 18. 

Supporting an event or item distributed to Annual Meeting participants is the most effective way for you to increase your ROI and show the medical directors, doctors, EMT’s and other professionals attending that you support them. NAEMSP® offers you many different options and levels of support to fit your marketing objectives and budget. Registrations, advertising and various levels of recognition are included as part of the fee, making sponsorship the best value for your marketing dollar. The deadline for meeting support commitments is December 18.

To purchase one of the advertising or support opportunities below, please click here to download the order form.



NAEMSP® WEBSITE ADVERTISING: With an average of approximately 200 visits per day, advertising on the NAEMSP® website is sure to get your company noticed. Advertisements are placed on the home page so website visitors will see your advertisement any time they visit the website. Please note, when multiple companies purchase ads, all ads will be placed on a timed rotation.

Rates: 3 Months (January - March)       $600 | 6 Months (January - June)          $750
Ads should be submitted in a .jpg, .png or .gif file (300 x 400 pixels) via email to Stephanie Newman at  

ANNUAL MEETING VIRTUAL EVENT ADVERTISEMENTS - $500: Your company's ad will be one of the first things attendees see when they arrive at the virtual event! Place a rotating banner ad on the home page of the event site. Ads should be submitted in a .jpg file (350 x 150 pixels) via email to Stephanie Newman at

PRE AND POST-CONFERENCE ATTENDEE LISTS - $300: Attendee mailing lists (no emails) are available for purchase only. Download the advertising form to purchase. 

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT - Exhibiting Companies: $2,500 | Non-Exhibiting Companies: $3,500With each vendor spotlight companies can host sessions (cannot compete with NAEMSP® scheduled events or sessions) to promote or discuss your product or network with attendees. Vendor Spotlight details:

  • Each spotlight can be up to 45 minutes
  • Sessions cannot be held during meeting programming. A full schedule can be found here. 
  • The company hosting the vendor spotlight is responsible for providing speakers and moderators to manage questions. A staff person will be available during your session for technical help.  
  • Sessions must be held within the NAEMSP® event platform, which uses Zoom Webinar or Meeting. 
  • The session will be added to the agenda in the platform and available for all attendees to add to their own agenda. The company is responsible for promoting and marketing the session. Any marketing materials must be approved by NAEMSP® prior to distribution. 
  • Attendance is unlimited (up to 500 people), but at the companies request can be restricted to a desired number of attendees.  
  • One 30-minute practice session is included with your spotlight for speaker rehearsal/tech checks. Based on NAEMSP® staff availability and cannot be schedule more than 2 weeks prior to the event date.  

Below is a detailed list of the meeting support opportunities available at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Support is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. NAEMSP® will attempt to meet your request; however, we cannot guarantee availability. If you are interested in partial support of one of these options, please contact Stephanie Newman at We appreciate your support of the 2021 Annual Meeting and NAEMSP®!

* Dedicated email blast sent by NAEMSP on behalf of your company. Company must supply graphics and text that will be added to Constant Contact. If a specific layout is desired, please send copy with graphics in a word document. Company will approve email once added to Constant Contact prior to sending to membership. 
Complimentary meeting registrations are included in the Platinum (3), Gold (2), and Silver (1) level support packages. Supporters receiving complimentary registrations for the educational sessions will be emailed a registration code for each individual receiving complimentary registration. 
  1. Snack Box - $35,000: A box of snacks along with promotional information about your company will be delivered to each registrant.
  2. Lunch is on Us  – $15,000: It is not NAEMSP® without a boxed lunch! Provide each attendee with a $15 gift card to purchase lunch during the event. 
  3. Happy Hour Reception – $5,000 each: Gain more dedicated time with attendees by hosting a virtual cocktail hour after session hours. (3 available: Wednesday, Thursday or Friday).
  4. Abstract Award - $2,000 each: Four (4) awards will be given for abstracts in the following four categories: Best Resident/Fellow Presentation, Best EMS Professional Presentation, Best Scientific Presentation and Best Poster Presentation. To specify  a specific award to underwrite, contact NAEMSP®
  5. Education Grant: Monetary contributions of any amount applied toward general Annual Meeting Support. Contributions will be recognized at the sponsorship level equivalent to the value of the donation. 
If you have any questions about any of support or advertising options please contact Stephanie Newman at or 913-222-8641.