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 Alps Alpline  
Alps Alpine is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality electronic components and systems for mobile devices, home electronics, vehicles and industrial equipment. Alps Alpine Group ranks among the top players in HMI, Connectivity and Sensing worldwide
Alps ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH, a subsidiary of Alps Alpine Co. Ltd., was established in 1979.
Based in Munich, our head office in Europe combines a team of specialists in Sales, Marketing and Engineering. We get involved right from the development stage and by building close partnerships with our customers and we are always able to offer both innovative solutions and the supply of the best electronic components. Our philosophy “Perfecting the Art of Electronics”
AWS IoT provides broad and deep functionality, spanning the edge to the cloud, so you can build IoT solutions for virtually any use case across a wide range of devices. Since AWS IoT integrates with AI services, you can make devices smarter, even without Internet connectivity. Built on the AWS cloud, used by millions of customers in 190 countries, AWS IoT can easily scale as your device fleet grows and your business requirements evolve. AWS IoT also offers the most comprehensive security features so you can create preventative security policies and respond immediately to potential security issues.
Blackbox solutions 
Supply Chain Asset Tracking - A fully integrated End-to-End solution for tracking asset flows throughout the supply chain. Shipping containers and other reusable packaging can easily be equipped with the low-cost tracking-tags which can be setup with an operating lifetime of up to 7 years. No additional local infrastructure is required at the logistics-sites or at the external suppliers’ facilities as the system operates in a dedicated independent mobile network (SIGFOX). Empowered by the BX-Software Suite, users can easily monitor & audit supply chain flows of the tracked assets both outdoors across Europe and within logic zones inside critical sites/facilities. The BX-Software Suite provides a rich set of KPIs, event alerts, and data insights needed to optimize supply chains. Included are various API interfaces for direct integration into local IT/ERP Systems.
Blulog is one of the world leaders in cold chain monitoring. Established after more than 15 years of R&D, the company offers innovative, plug&play and affordable solutions: credit-card size NFC data loggers ideal for monitoring conditions during shipments, real-time monitoring system for temperature, humidity, as well as solutions for detecting water leak, door opening, smoke or fire, and many others. Bulog solutions are already being used in more than 80 countries all over the world. Among our clients we can count major players from logistics, food, retail, pharma and medical sectors.
 Cisco Cisco helps seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected. An integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships, working together to identify our customers' needs and provide solutions that fuel their success. We have preserved this keen focus on solving business challenges since our founding in 1984. Discover how Cisco technology helps our customers work smarter and learn more about the technology that builds bridges.
Controlant is pioneering the development of next generation supply chain monitoring and traceability solutions for digitally connected cold chains, delivered as a subscription-based service. Its fully validated cloud and IoT solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility and risk mitigation across all lanes—air, road, rail, and sea—and through the last-mile. Managed services, including 24/7 global monitoring and response, inventory management, and reverse IoT logistics help automate supply chain logistics, reduce quality review time, and proactively prevent waste. Intelligent data analytics provide enterprises with proactive insights to fuel impactful decision-making and collaboration throughout their entire business ecosystem.
 Evryththng EVRYTHNG is the market-leading Internet of Things SaaS platform for consumer products, managing billions of unique digital identities in the cloud. Brands and their service providers work with EVRYTHNG to apply data science intelligence on an item-by-item basis, drive new digital applications, gain visibility into supply chains, and engage with their customers. EVRYTHNG created the new GS1 industry standards that have upgraded the world’s barcodes and product tags to connect every product to the web.
IoT devices need to be connected anywhere, independent of whether there is coverage. In remote areas, this currently means expensive options: Connecting to satellite operators that are not built for IoT or building local infrastructure. There is currently no affordable, low-power network that operates on 100% of the globe. Hiber is launching this network. We connect IoT devices on the ground via our nanosatellites. Our network is similar to terrestrial networks in terms of cost and power consumption, but with global coverage. This makes the network ideal for remote assets and for assets that are mobile.
Honeywell Honeywell is a Fortune 100 software-industrial company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help everything from aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.  
KINEXON offers real-time intelligence and automation for the digital factory of tomorrow. The open platform KINEXON RIoT digitizes all assets involved in the production process to enable fully autonomous interaction in real-time. The platform is enriched by data from the highly precise sensornetwork. This captures sensor-based information on the location and status of objects. For example, a screwing process is blocked as soon as there‘s a faulty screwing connection. Forklifts detect automatically which asset has to be loaded or unloaded at which point. Fleets of driverless transport robots are connected with the corresponding goods and sent on the most efficient route. The result consists in significant productivity jumps due to full transparency as well as real-time optimization and automation of industrial processes.
Locix’s solutions provide actionable insights using patented, cost-effective technology to capture visual, spatial and environmental data — bringing contextual awareness to warehouses and distribution centers. Its SmartDock™ solution increases efficiency and productivity at the loading dock while its Local Positioning System enables operational visibility and resource maximization within the Distribution Center. By pairing a unique, expanded dataset with advanced analytics and machine learning, Locix equips warehouse managers and operators with better insights into their facilities, enabling smarter, faster decision making.
Logivations GmbH is an international consulting and technology provider with headquarters in Munich. The company develops innovative solutions based on advanced web and optimization technologies, AI and 'deep machine learning” for the holistic design and optimization of all logistics aspects under the motto “Design by efficiency”. Our software solution W2MO is the leading internet platform for creating a digital twin for logistics design, 3D-simulation, VR visualization, optimization and evaluation of processes in supply chain, warehouse and production logistics.
Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our commitment is to a build trusted, easy to use platform for IoT (Internet of Things) and intelligent edge for our customers and partners to build solutions.
Our customers are embracing IoT as a core strategy to drive better business outcomes – from predicting and preventing equipment failures, optimizing smart buildings and energy management and connecting assets to manage, track, and monitor connected vehicles, freight, or other assets in real time.
MotionMiners offers a technology for an automated analysis of manual working processes in production and logistics. The Motion-Mining® technology uses movement and location data (effortlessly and anonymously collected by wearables and beacons) to record manual working processes. Individual activities and process steps are automatically recognized using a self-developed, state-of-the-art deep learning solution. The data is further processed to generate efficiency, productivity and ergonomics optimization measures and is also made available for further analysis.
Roambee is an IoT company offering a real-time, multi sensor, visibility solution to monitor in-transit shipments and field equipment to eliminate business disruptions and financial risks. Roambee is powered by its location-aware intelligence cloud platform and an industry-unique, on-demand business model where customers pay only for the shipments or assets they track.
Roambee delivers a powerful trifecta: a combination of innovative sensor hardware and cloud software, predictive analytics, and healthier ROI for businesses. By providing real-time data on critical measures like location, temperature, tampering, route deviation, and more, Roambee allows users to address problems quickly, and offers analytics-driven insights and foresights to fuel future business ecosystem decisions.
Seeed is an international hardware company based in Shenzhen, China. The company is committed to continuous development of cutting-edge products to satisfy the exponential growth of IoT. We offer a variety of hardware devices with ease of use to help partners provide complete solutions for a wide range of industries, including smart agriculture, IoT security and smart buildings. Seeed’s SenseCAP industrial-grade sensor network enables long-distance and ultra low-power physical data collection in diverse environments. It comes complete with a series of wireless sensors and software cloud services, which allow for easy plug-and-play implementation and rapid development process for our clients.
Sigfox is the inventor of the 0G network and the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) service provider. Its global network allows to connect billions of devices to the Internet, in a straightforward way, while consuming as little energy as possible. Sigfox’s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications addresses the three greatest barriers to global IoT adoption: cost, energy consumption, and global scalability.  
Today, the network is available in 60 countries, with 1 billion people covered. Surrounded by a large ecosystem of partners and IoT key players, Sigfox empowers companies to move their business model towards more digital services, in key areas such as Asset Tracking and Supply Chain.
Signify is the new company name of Philips Lighting. We are the world leader in lighting and provide our customers with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services. We turn light sources into points of data to connect more devices, places and people through light, contributing to a safer, more productive and smarter world.
Imagine you can create smarter warehouses to deliver better safety, efficiency and productivity. Our Interact Industry software gives you real-time data and insights into how your business operates so you can streamline logistics, reduce downtime, optimize order picking and improve traffic flows. We look forward to an exciting exchange with you!
With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 37,500 employees, and external revenue of 6.9 billion euros (2018), T-Systems is one of the world's leading vendor independent providers of digital services headquartered in Europe.
T-Systems is partnering its customers as they address the digital transformation. The company offers integrated solutions for business customers. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary offers one-stop shopping: from the secure operation of legacy systems and classical ICT services, the transition to cloud-based services (including international networks, tailored infrastructure, platforms and software) as well as new business models and innovation projects in the Internet of Things. T-Systems can provide all this thanks to its global reach in fixed-network and mobile communications, its highly secure data centers, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem built around standardized platforms and global partnerships, and the ability to offer top levels of security.
Uptake is the invisible artificial intelligence (AI) backbone of the industries that power the world. We’re an industrial data science platform that builds AI-powered applications to help the world’s most critical industries increase their productivity, reliability and safety.
Vodafone Group  
Vodafone Group is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and provides a range of services including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. Vodafone Group has mobile operations in 25 countries, partners with mobile networks in 44 more, and fixed broadband operations in 19 markets. As of 31 December 2018, Vodafone Group had approximately 700 million mobile customers and 21 million fixed broadband customers, including all of the customers in Vodafone’s joint ventures and associates. For more information, please visit:
Wiliot is a semiconductor company building the first sticker-sized, battery-free Bluetooth tags that harvest energy from ambient radio waves, with the goal of removing the need for maintenance and the limits to lifetime. Wiliot envisions a world of smarter 'Things' that can sense and offer functionality not possible before. The Internet of Things can scale and offer real value as we understand where products are, who is using them and when they need to be replenished. Manufacturing, supply chain and inventory can be optimized. Anything we wear, touch or use can include sensing and connectivity, thanks to battery-free Wiliot sensor tags.