ICTC Conference 2016
Special Interest Groups
These informal sessions provide the opportunity for individuals to come together as a group to discuss a common topic or issue of interest. You can choose to actively participate or just listen to what’s being discussed – you won’t leave without getting a bag full of ideas from others or having had the opportunity to bounce your ideas around the room too.

Want to suggest an item, question or topic for one of the SIGs? Simply email events@ictcsociety.org.

Inclusive for full conference delegates.

SIG: Community led place making: Shifting the government focus from regulator to facilitator
Wednesday, 9 November 2016 - 3:30pm to 5pm

Every place and community is different. So how do we harness the uniqueness and creativity of our citizens to make our places the very best they can be?

Wearing two hats—one as Perth town centre volunteer and one as a Strategic Planner—Dean will kick start the session with some great examples from five Perth town centre groups.

Hear why they're working so well - from how they involve businesses and the community, to the unique town centre experiences - it's not just a standard place making template. Bring your ideas and discuss with your peers.
Moderated by: Dean Cracknell, Senior Strategic Urban/Property Planner, City of Melville & Beaufort Street Network community town centre volunteer.

SIG: Financing and Delivering Place Making Initiatives – Tools for making the idea a reality
Wednesday, 9 November 2016 - 3:30pm to 5pm

Many great place making initiatives are conceived but never delivered.

We'll discuss challenges associated with delivering Place Making initiatives and focus on key actions required for success. Let's share creative 'out of the box' tips for how to get things going - and how to fund them.

Come and share your ideas and questions with peers.

Moderated by Grant Hirst, Director, Projects + Infrastructure