ICTC Conference 2016

International Cities, Town Centres and Communities (ICTC) Conference 2017

Mark your diaries now for the 17th ICTC Conference being held at Crown Mebourne from 26-28 October 2017.

International Cities, Town Centres and Communities (ICTC) Conference 2016

The 16th International Cities, Town Centres and Communities (ICTC) Conference was held at Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston, Tasmania from Wednesday 9 November to Friday 11 November 2016.

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Future Places: Conflict in Harmony

When we plan our places of tomorrow our challenge as city and place leaders is to not only understand what makes our places tick—and keep them energised—it's also to look at how to better connect them and leverage future opportunities.

The introduction of new social and digital infrastructure, flexible urban design, creative economic development and activation initiatives, and innovative technology is impacting on the way we work, live and play—it’s changing our places of tomorrow.

Some places are facing urban sprawl issues in car-dominant places—with traffic congestion, parking problems, high retail vacancies and no after-five economy. Whilst others face issues of high population growth coupled with higher density living, gentrification, limited green and active spaces, and transport congestion.

The question is – how are we as leaders in our field disabling these problems? And how do we get buy in from our businesses and communities as we travel along this revitalisation journey?

Engaging our stakeholders and activating our spaces plays a significant role in keeping our centres vibrant and with the advent of new technologies and creative problem solving, innovative solutions are coming to the fore.

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