2021 Farm Bureau FUSION Reimagined Conference

Farm Bureau ACTS of Kindness Initiative

  • Acknowledge a Need
  • Call to Action
  • Tell the farm story
  • Submit your experience


Let’s fill the country with kindness while we tell the farm story. There are many people in every community across the nation who could benefit from some kindness, so now is the time to “Acknowledge” these needs and ACT! When you or a group of Farm Bureau FUSION participants complete an act of kindness, hand the person or group the “Farm Bureau ACTS of Kindness” card to “Tell” about your love for agriculture to others in your community. Then “Submit” information about your acts of kindness before March 13, 2021 at noon EST via the Farm Bureau ACTS Submission Form.

Impact will be calculated by the number of ACTS, number of people impacted, and the time or money spent to perform the ACTS of kindness. During the closing FUSION programming, we will report on totals by state and total national impact. It’s time to spread the word! All FUSION registrants have until March 13th to spread kindness! We can’t wait to see which state makes the greatest kindness impact in their local communities!


  • Surprise someone by buying their coffee, lunch or groceries.
  • Donate blood.
  • Deliver meals or baked goods to someone.
  • Walk, feed or take care of animals for someone.
  • Do yard work for someone.
  • Get the mail/newspaper for someone.
  • Pick up supplies or groceries for someone.
  • Clean up trash along roadways, in parks or other areas.
  • Create a scavenger hunt in your local area and post it on social media.
  • Provide virtual tutoring or activities to younger students.
  • Record yourself reading a book and publish to social media for younger children to watch (Follow copyright rules. See _______).
  • Drop off activity books (such as coloring books, Sudoku or crossword puzzles) to hospitals, nursing homes or individuals who cannot be outside.
  • Sew masks or create other protective materials for donation.
  • Donate to food banks or stock food pantries with items.
  • Create and place agriculture activity worksheets, books or games in Little Free Libraries or Little Free Pantries.
  • Write encouragement letters to those in nursing homes, hospitals or other residential facilities that cannot currently receive visitors.
  • Write thank you cards to first responders, grocery store workers and medical workers.
  • Donate an accurate ag book to your local school library
  • Utilize social media to find needs in your community and donate, including:
    • Places of worship
    • Non-profits
    • Food banks
    • Blood banks
    • Service organizations
    • Community groups

Find more ideas here: http://bit.ly/AFBFRandomActsofKindness