2021 Farm Bureau FUSION Reimagined Conference

Meet an Austrian Farmer: Trischack Family

Have you ever wondered what a farm in Austria is like? This is your opportunity to see for yourself! Enjoy this beautiful tour of a farm located in a village of Eastern Austria that grows sugar beets, potatoes, wheat, and barley. 


Meet an Indiana Fishery: Ozark Fisheries

Have you ever wondered who grows the fish for your aquarium? This tour of Ozark Fisheries in explores a family operation that raises goldfish, koi, crawdads, snails and tadpoles. From the ponds to the tanks, see how this fishery is growing and shipping direct to customers with a 24-hour delivery window! 

Meet a Kentucky Bison Farmer: Woodland Farms

Check out this large herd of authentic American Bison! Processed at Woodland’s own USDA approved facility, this bison is one of a kind. This tour is an inside scoop of the Kentucky Bison Company. 

Meet a Canadian Livestock Farmer: Wilson Family

Straight from New Brunswick, Canada, you have the opportunity to tour three family enterprises: the butcher, the feed mill, and the farm. This tour will take you on a journey “from seed to steak”. 


Meet a Canadian Dairy Farmer: Wilhome Farms

In this tour, a proud Canadian diary farmer will take you on a tour of Wilhome Farms. Dating back to 1814, touring this farm will give you a snapshot of what dairy farming in Canada has been like for over 200 years. 

Meet a Virginia Farm Manager: Kyle Sturgis

This tour has it all! From the family hydroponic greenhouse operation to the packing facility/farm market, and from the family grain operation to the seafood co-op growing farm-raised clams, this Virginia young farmer shows you what a true diversified family operation looks like. 


Meet an Oregon Hemp Farmer: Jon Iverson

Get glimpse of the first Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) Certified Farm for Hemp in the World. Iverson Family Farms located in Woodburn, Oregon is the main FSOil facility – a CO2 extraction and post-processing facility specializing in industrial hemp. 


Meet an Ohio Pork Farmer: Heimerl Farms

With nearly 30 years of experience in the hog industry, Heimerl Farms is a remarkable family business. Marketing over 800,000 pigs to market, and selling over 100,000 breed stock animals anywhere globally, this tour will give you true insight to understand what a modern-day large scale family hog operation is like. 

Meet an Utah Sod Farmer: Nancy Harris

Check out this Utah sod business providing high-quality turf for large and small jobs to customers all over the state. If you have ever wondered what goes into growing sod, this is the tour for you! Learn the process from start to finish! 

Meet a New York Dairy Farmer: Mapleview Dairy

Get a glimpse of life as a dairy farmer in northern New York through this upbeat and educational dairy farm tour. In addition to learning about the family dairy operation, this tour sets a great example of how to talk about dairy farming to those who do not know much about agriculture. 


Kids Tours:

Meet Bristol and her piglets!

Full of cuteness and smarts – in this one-minute tour, you will view Castle Farm’s farrowing barn, nursery barn, and chip barn with plenty of piglet cuteness!


Meet Kylie and her chickens!

Learn about this family chicken operation from Kylie, a Kentucky farm girl who has true TV host qualities!


Meet the Perdue brothers and their chickens!

There’s no better way to learn about growing chickens than from 10-year old and 7-year old brothers. Take a peek inside a chicken house with these smart tour guides!


Meet the Meskers and their flowers!

This dynamic trio from ages infant to five will tell you what you need to know about the tulips and hyacinths grown at their family farm, Oregon Flowers! This tour even includes a tip – tuck your pants inside or outside of your boots? Watch to find out!

Meet the Shannon's and their farm!

In this educational tour, the oldest daughter at Shannon Family Farms shares about her family’s hog operation. In addition to raising hogs to feed people in the community, they also grow fresh cut flowers, and raise cows and chickens. 

Meet Farmer Kelsey and her dairy!

In this exciting tour, farmer Kelsey teaches kids a fun dance “MOOOVE” to make farming even more fun! Then, learn about the exciting technology found on her dairy farm! 


Meet Farmer Hunter and his row crops!

Farming with his great-grandpa, his grandpa and his dad, this 7th generation young farmer will tell you about his hard work growing corn, soybeans and sweet corn.

Meet a Wisconsin Dairy Farmer: Golden E Dairy

Golden E Dairy is a first generation family dairy farm located in West Bend, Wisconsin. Join the Golden E crew for a tour of their over 2,400 cow dairy farm and get a look at the barn, milking parlor, milk house, commodity building and calf barn.