E-AHPBA 2019
Conditions for stand building
Stand building, placement and finishing
For the purposes of building a stand, exhibitors are not permitted to damage floors, walls, roofs or other parts of the lounges or the building by using nails, screws, glue, paint, cello tape or other fixing materials. Therefore, stands, stand panels and/or stand parts must always be constructed as free-standing.
Stands, stand panels and/or stand parts must be painted and sawn to size in advance. The stands must be prefabricated, so to speak. By prefabricated we mean that the stands are made to fit beforehand, so that they only need to be assembled in the Exhibition area. Think of the following activities: sawing, painting, sanding/grinding and other preliminary work.
Any damage resulting from the stand building will be charged to the stand builder.
Heights and other measures
In connection with the general view through the building, public access and the proper functioning of the air conditioning system, the maximum height for stands is 2.50 m. (external dimension measured from the floor).
Mounting and removal of exhibition goods
Goods that are displayed must be kept within the building line of the stand space; movable parts may not move beyond the building line of the stand, not even to demonstrate the action of the exhibited goods.
Displayed goods must be set up in such a way that the view of the exhibition spaces and the surrounding stands is not inhibited or inhibited as little as possible.
Unsightly objects (in the opinion of the organisers) on stands that are visible to the public (such as coat racks, etc.) must be screened off.
Exhibited goods may not be covered during the hours that the exhibition is open to the public. The organisers have the right to remove (or order the removal of) any covering, without incurring any liability on their part.
Boxes, cases, etc. may not be stored behind the stand walls; only the stand itself may be used for the storage of goods.
For other matters not described in this set of regulations the instructions of the Duty Manager should always be followed immediately.
Tape or self-adhesive expressions may not be used. You can use our suspension points for communication expressions.