SOMA 2023 SOMSA - Exhibits & Sponsorships Registration

I have to leave before the hall closes – can I tear down early?
Exhibitors may not dismantle their booths earlier than the close of the show. Exhibitors who make earlier flight plans must arrange for another party to dismantle their booth. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. There will be a $500 penalty for early dismantling.

Is it safe to leave items at my booth?
Security will be provided when the exhibit hall is closed. However, it is recommended that valuable equipment and personal items should be locked up or taken with you each day. Exhibit management will not be responsible for loss or damage.

We are no longer able to exhibit at SOMA, how do I cancel our booth?
Should the exhibitor be unable to occupy and use the contracted exhibit space, exhibitor shall promptly notify SOMA in writing. All sums paid by the exhibitor, less a service charge of 50%, will be refunded prior to February 1, 2023. No refunds will be made on or after February 1, 2023.

I would like to host a drawing in our booth, is this allowed?
Prize drawing and contests are permitted with permission from Exhibit Management. Contests may not obstruct or disturb surrounding booths and must follow local laws.

How many people typically attend?
On average there are approximately 1,000 attendees at the SOMA Scientific Assembly each year.

I would like to provide samples of our product is that okay?
Yes, you can provide samples of your product IF it is not considered food or beverage. ABSOLUTELY no food and beverage may be distributed in the exhibit hall without prior written permission from the Raleigh Convention Center. This includes water additives, water must be provided or approved by the Raleigh Convention Center.

How do I make hotel reservations?
Information regarding conference hotels/rates will be posted in early January. 

Can we host our own event/meeting during SOMSA while in Raleigh?
If you would like to host a meeting or reception during the posted SOMA Dates (May 15-19, 2023), please complete the SOMA Meeting Request Form and submit to All affiliate meetings/events must be approved by SOMA staff. Suggested dates/times are Monday, May 15 or Thursday, May 18 after scheduled SOMA Program Events. Affiliate meetings/events cannot conflict with scheduled SOMA program events.

How do I select my booth?
You can select your own booth space from the interactive floor plan when you register.

What booths are available to purchase?
Visit the exhibit pricing and information page to see pricing and a description of each booth type. Click here to visit the interactive floorplan.  To see which company has reserved booths hover over the booth.

I am a small business or non-profit and want to purchase a Prime booth but my discount code will not work.
The small business and non-profit discount is only for standard booths – booths marked with a ‘P’ must be purchased at the Prime rate.

How do I purchase a booth at the small business or non-profit rate?
Please email proof of small business status or an IRS Verification letter stating 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 status to Upon approval a discount code will be emailed to you. Limit 2 booths.  

I’ve already purchased my booth but no longer like where I am placed. Can I switch booths?
You may switch booths up to 30 days prior to the start of the show (April 14). Please contact the SOMA exhibit manager at

Are we able to purchase more than one booth?
Yes, you may purchase multiple booths. At this time our registration system does not allow you to purchase multiple booths in one transaction. 

To purchase multiple booths, please contact our SOMA Exhibit Manager at 


How many exhibitor badges does my company receive with our booth?
Each company receives two (2) complimentary exhibitor badges with each 10x10 booth purchased. 

Badges MUST BE REGISTERED BY April 5. To avoid additional charges you must register your staff by April 5. All exhibitor badges registered onsite will be $200.

Exhibitors are invited to all events held in the exhibit hall.

Are exhibitors allowed to attend sessions?
Exhibitor badges do NOT include conference registrations. Exhibitors must register as full conference or single-day registrants at the prevailing rates in order to attend sessions and receive continuing education hours.

Can we purchase additional badges for staff for our booth?
Additional exhibitor badges can be purchased for $100 each but the name of the staff person associated with the badge must be provided to staff for registration by April 5. Additional exhibitor badges include access to the exhibit hall and SOMA meals held in the exhibit hall during exhibit days, including the Welcome Reception. Additional Exhibitor Badges purchased onsite will be $200.

Is there a limit to the number of staff we can have in our booth?
No, there is no limit. Each person staffing a booth must register and wear their name badge at all times.

My co-worker, spouse, friend, etc. is going to help me set up my booth – do I need to register them?
Access to the exhibit hall is limited to those who have an official SOMA name badge. Temporary set-up badges can be requested at the exhibitor registration desk, and is limited to providing assistance for set-up only.  

Can I purchase additional booth representative badges on-site?
Yes, exhibitor registration is located near the SOMA Gear Store and will be open the following hours:

  • Monday, May 15
    • 12:00pm - 4:30pm
  • Tuesday, May 16
    • 7:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday, May 17
    • 10:00am - 3:45pm
  • Thursday, May 18
    • 10:00am - 4:00pm

I registered a booth representative and they are no longer able to attend, can I register someone else in their place?
Yes, contact the SOMA Exhibit manager in advance at or visit the exhibitor registration desk on-site located near the SOMA Gear Store.



How do I order booth furnishings?
The Viper Service Kit will be available starting in April. Should you have questions about booth furnishings you may contact Viper Tradeshow Services at 847-426-3100.

What furnishings come with the purchase of a booth?
Each 10’ × 10’ booth includes pipe, drape, a one-line identification sign and two exhibit representatives. All other materials including booth furnishings must be ordered through Viper Tradeshow Services, the official service contractor company for SOMSA. Exhibit booth pipe and drape will be gold and white.

Is the exhibit hall carpeted?
Black and grey fleck aisle carpet will be provided; for comfort and booth appeal floor covering is suggested, but not mandatory.

Does electricity come with the purchase of a booth?
Electricity does not come with the purchase of a booth. If you have electrical ordering questions, please contact Hannah Fuller with the Raleigh Convention Center at A form to order electricity can be found in the Viper Service Kit.

Is Wi-Fi included with the purchase of a booth?
SOMA does not provide wireless internet. Should you need internet access you will need to contact Hannah Fuller with the Raleigh Convention Center at An order form for wireless internet or network services can be found in the Viper Service Kit.

Who do I contact to order AV equipment or services in my booth?
Visual FX is the official AV provider for SOMA. You can contact Visual FX at 847-426-3100. An AV order form is provided in the Viper Service Kit.

Is a lead retrieval system available for rent?
Lead Retrieval information is available here.

Where do I ship my booth materials?
We recommend that you ship all of your materials to the Viper Advance Warehouse. The address for the advance warehouse will be provided in the service kit. More details about shipping can be found in the Viper Service Kit.

I plan on driving my materials in my private owned vehicle.
All privately owned vehicles making a delivery MUST schedule a time to move in, pay material handling, and have Viper unload your vehicle. There is not enough room or enough time for multiple vehicles at the Raleigh Convention Center. NO EXCEPTIONS

Who do I contact if I have questions about shipping my materials?
Please contact Viper Tradeshow Services 847-426-3100.

I’ve read this entire page, and still cannot find an answer to my question, who do I contact?
Please contact the SOMA Exhibits Manager.