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Root-Cause Problem Elimination Training™

This course is complete for 2013.  Look for IDCON to offer more courses like this one in 2014.
May 7 - 9, 2013
Raleigh, North Carolina

This course is NEWLY EXPANDED for 2013.


IDCON’s Root Cause Problem Elimination Seminar focuses on eradicating problems.


You’ll learn how to tie cause and effect together and apply logical thought processes to arrive at the problem’s core. You’ll learn how to use the “How-Can Diagram” to bring root cause analysis into your day-to-day reliability management process, and do it cost effectively!


This expanded course will focus on outlining basic mechanical engineering stress/strain fundamentals, metallurgy and engineering design which are typically necessary in the development of possible root cause(s) for mechanical failures.

You'll learn how to use predictive maintenance tools correctly to provide a mechanism for root-cause analysis initiation and eventual elimination of repeat failures. 

We will go through many real-world case studies from a variety of industries with an interactive approach.


This course is for YOU, if you...

  • Need an organized practical approach to problem solving
  • Work in an industrial setting


With your registration, you will get:

  • Class notes and exercises on a USB stick you can use in your plant including the “How-Can Diagram”


Root-Cause Problem Elimination Outline

  • RCPE in an industrial setting
  • Well-known root cause investigations
  • RCPE examples for IDCON’s experience
  • Basic beliefs for RCPE
  • Drawing the “How-Can Diagram”
    • Hands-on experience
  • Finding and prioritizing problems
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Root-cause and logical thinking
  • The RCPE process
  • Triggers to perform RCPE
  • Problem definition
    • Possible causes
    • Select most likely cause
    • Verify selected cause
  • Identifying solutions
  • Basic mechanical engineering stress/strain fundamentals, metallurgy and engineering design to assist in developing root cause for mechanical failures
  • Utilizing Predictive Maintenance Tools to provide a mechanism for root-cause analysis initiation and eventual elimination of repeat failures
  • Real-world case studies from a variety of industries with an interactive approach
  • Final exercises

Price: $1,495 per person (USD)