IDCON Courses
Preventive Maintenance/Essential Care and Condition Monitoring

This course is complete for 2013.  Look for IDCON to offer more courses like this one in 2014.

June 20 - 21, 2013

Raleigh, North Carolina

This important two-day seminar teaches participants how to set up a cost-effective preventive maintenance program and how to identify and minimize equipment failures. 

Preventive maintenance = improved equipment reliability

If you have any of these responsibilities, this course is for YOU!

  • Plan preventive maintenance work
  • Execute PM tasks (operations and maintenance)
  • Manage preventive maintenance
  • Work with reliability improvements
  • Manage and/or supervise maintenance personnel
  • Work as a maintenance or reliability engineer
  • Coordinate PM tasks between E/I, mechanical and operations
  • Work with a Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Manage operator essential care and inspections
With your registration, you will get:
  • IDCON's 337-page practical Preventive Maintenance Essential Care and Condition book, valued at $125.
  • Class notes and exercises
  • Best practice and practical examples on a USB stick that you can use in your plant

Preventive Maintenance/Essential Care Condition Monitoring Outline

  • Results oriented reliability and maintenance. Actions to prevent failures
    • Detailed cleaning
    • Lubrication/hydraulics
    • Alignment
    • Operating procedures
  • Actions to fi nd failures early (condition monitoring/inspections)
    • Bearings, vibrations, and SPM
    • Couplings and stroboscopes
    • Chains, belt and guards inspections
    • Material crack detection
    • Corrosion and heat-exchanger inspections
    • Temperature inspections
    • Pumps and mechanical seals and inspections
    • Leak detection
  • Optimizing the PM and Condition Monitoring Systems
    • Financial benefi ts
    • Charter/mission/goal
    • Getting prepared, sample implementation plan
  • Reliability Basics
    • Most cost effective maintenance methods
    • Failure developing period
    • Equipment life
  • Documentation
    • Equipment needs
    • Inspection frequency
    • Inspection standards
    • Operations, mechanical, electrical instrumentation

Price: $995 per person (USD)