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Planning and Scheduling of Maintenance

New Date Just Added!

December 3-4, 2013
Raleigh, North Carolina

The foundation of excellence and achieving cost-effective equipment reliability starts with Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.

If you want to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reduce overall maintenance cost over time, this is the training course for you.


We share practical how-to experience and best practices that you can apply on the job. Maintenance materials are a large part of any plant’s operating costs and waiting for parts to arrive impacts productivity, reliability and the bottom line. Reliability-Based Spare Parts and Materials Management is a unique seminar that provides real solutions to materials management and inventory problems. You’ll take away knowledge and tools to dramatically improve your spare parts and supplies management.


If you have any of these responsibilities, this course is for YOU!

  • Plan and/or schedule maintenance work
  • Coordinate operations, inventory and maintenance schedules and work relationships
  • Manage materials and spare parts inventory to support reliable manufacturing
  • Work with reliability improvements and concepts
  • Manage and/or supervise maintenance
  • Manage the spare parts and materials inventory
  • Purchase parts and materials
  • Work with a Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Design or specify plant/mine equipment 

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Outline

  • Results-Oriented Reliability and Maintenance
  • Enabling successful planning and scheduling
  • Best-practice business process
  • Work identifi cation/Work request initiation
  • Setting work priorities
  • Backlog management
  • Planning (What/How)
  • Scheduling (When/Who)
  • Work execution
  • Continuous improvement 

Reliability-Based Spare Parts and Materials Management Outline

  • The impact of maintenance inventory management on performance
  • Organizing for effi cient management
  • Aligning objectives for purchasing, store room and maintenance managers
  • Record materials data
  • Integration of materials management with plant reliability
  • Inventory management basics
  • Determine what to stock
  • Managing obsolete stock
  • What parts should be inventoried
With your registration, you will get: 

  • IDCON's 215-page practical Maintenance Planning and Scheduling manual, valued at $99
  • IDCON's Reliability-Based Spare Parts and Materials Management book, valued at $49
  • Class notes and exercises
  • Best practice and practical examples on a USB stick you can use in your plant
Price: $995 per person (USD)