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2020 ACMA Virtual National Conference Toolkit

The American Case Management Association is eager to spread the word about the 2020 ACMA Virtual National Conference—but we need your help!

To present a unified voice about this unique professional development opportunity, ACMA has created this Virtual National Conference Toolkit that includes promotional copy, images, links and information that you can share with your network—via email, social media, blog, website, etc. 

We’ve put together this quick guide so that you can stay connected with the case management community as well as promote registration, increase attendance and share conference learnings.

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Conference Website

What’s the conference website?

Use these shortened URLs for linking to the conference information online:

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Social Media

Stay tuned to the following American Case Management social media channels. Please @mention and share our content!

Facebook @TheACMA 

Twitter @TheACMA



What’s the official hashtag?
Using the official hashtag #ACMAvirtual is a best practice that helps attendees, speakers, exhibitors/sponsors—or anyone interested learning about the event—easily find our posts. Monitoring the hashtag on social media also allows you to discover what other attendees are up to and excited about leading up to, during and after the event. Lastly, it provides a window into the event for other members and professionals unable to physically attend the event. Stay connected by including the following hashtag in your social posts: #ACMAvirtual

Sample social posts
Below are sample social media posts to help you get started immediately. To increase engagement, you can also include the conference graphics/media provided by clicking below and using the download button in the top right corner.

Social Media Suggested Copy Social Media Suggested Speaker Copy  Social Media Graphics 


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Print Pieces

Help us spread the word by posting flyers at your facility. 

Print Flyer
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We hope you will join us for premier virtual education for case management and transitions of care professionals!

Attendee Registration Exhibitor Registration