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Exhibitor Resources

Thank you for your participation in the first ACMA Virtual National Conference. Below are a list of resources and marketing tools that have been designed to support your participation in the event.

If you have questions and/or need information or resources not available below, please contact ACMA for assistance by calling 501-907-2262.

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Logistics & Operations

Logistic Information – the LOGISTIC SUMMARY is a quick reference for important information required for your pre-event planning process and participation in the conference.

Booth Configuration – please review the CMS ADMIN GUIDE, paying special attention to the “Getting Started – Important Tips” on page 2 BEFORE logging into your CMS Admin account!

Virtual Conference & Exhibition Policies - Just as with our physical national conference, ACMA has exhibition policies related to our virtual event. The VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION POLICIES are in place to ensure the best experience for our industry partners and attendees. Your booth registration and participation in the event acknowledges your acceptance and willingness to comply with our event policies. ACMA reserves the right to make changes to these policies/guidelines at any time. The most current version is always available on the Exhibitor page of the conference website. If you have questions/concerns, please let us know.

Login Instructions for Booth Reps – We ask that you provide the BOOTH REP LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS to your booth reps and encourage them to review, as it provides step by step instructions on how they log into the virtual conference, update their attendee profile and navigate through the system.

Frequently Asked Questions –for your reference, we’ve created an EXHIBITOR FAQ document that includes questions asked by exhibiting companies. We will continue to add to this document, so bookmark the page for frequent reference.

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Live Networking

We will continue to have live sessions taking place throughout the virtual conference. We will be sure to update you prior to the next live sessions.


Content Expert Chats

The ACMA Solutions Center will be hosting a series of Content Expert Chats over the next several weeks. The upcoming dates are:

  • August 24: 6pm CDT

             ACM Journey: From the Perspective of an ACM Ambassador

  • August 25 & 27: 3pm CDT

             Case Management Onboarding & Engagement - Successful Starts & Ongoing Education

  • August 31: Noon CDT

             Learn More about ACMA and Its Benefits

  • September 16: Noon CDT

             Transitions of Care: Workforce Challenges

  • September 23: Noon CDT

            Compass/ACTS: Leveraging Technology and Why it's So Important

  • October 27: 10 a.m. CDT

            Transitions of Care Standards: Important Implications in a Para COVID-19 World

  • November 18 : Noon CST

            Combating Burnout: A Self Care Reset

  • December 10 : 1 p.m. CST

            Content Expert Chat: ACM Exam Preparation

Please mark your calendars and be available for networking before and after the events as we do expect higher traffic in the platform around these chat sessions.


Remember to utilize the Exhibitors Schedule feature in the virutal platform to schedule times that you will be available for live chat sessions. This is a great way to draw attendees into your booth for networking.

To add your chat to the Exhibitors Schedule:

  • Log into Easy Virtual Fair backend with the credientials provided to you by ACMA.
  • Choose CHAT from the menu
  • Use the orange ADD CHAT button to enter the date, time and details of your live chat. 

To view the complete Exhibitors Schedule: 

  • Log into Easy Virtual Fair with the credentials provided to you by AMCA.
  • Choose Exhibitors Schedule from the menu on the left.
  • Select the appropriate date to view your live chat.
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Marketing & Promotion

We have put together marketing tools to help you promote your presence and participation in this premier event. Access our exhibitor resources to help you stay connected with the case management community as well as promote registration, increase attendance and share conference learnings with your network.

Sample social posts
Below are sample social media posts to help you get started immediately. To increase engagement, you can also include the conference graphics provided by clicking below and using the download button in the top right corner.

Facebook Graphics Twitter/LinkedIn GraphicsSocial Media Suggested Copy


Promotional Flyer

This flyer can be downloaded and utilized via email, distributed to your current clients or posted to your website.

Promotional Flyer


Promotional Videos

Access these video links and share with your contacts and on your social media channels! Click the three dots in the upper right corner of each video to choose your share option. You can share directly to Facebook or Twitter or copy the YouTube link to share on other channels.  


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Teaser Video

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Navigating the Virtual Conference

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How to Interact in the Exhibit Hall

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Social Media

Be sure to follow the American Case Management social media channels. Please @mention and share our content to help promote your participation. You'll find graphics and copy that are easily sharable to your channels. 

Facebook @TheACMA 

Twitter @TheACMA



What’s the official hashtag?
Using the official hashtag #ACMAvirtual is a best practice that helps attendees, speakers, exhibitors/sponsors—or anyone interested learning about the event—easily find our posts. Monitoring the hashtag on social media also allows you to discover what other attendees are up to and excited about leading up to, during and after the event. Lastly, it provides a window into the event for other members and professionals unable to physically attend the event. Stay connected by including the following hashtag in your social posts: #ACMAvirtual

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 Sales/Advertising – if you have questions about your booth package, are interested in securing advertising for the event, and/or want information on upcoming ACMA Events, please contact:

Shelly Greenwood
Director, Exhibit Sales
Phone:  501-907-2262
Email:  sgreenwood@acmaweb.org


Technical / Functionality – if you have questions about technical and/or functionality issues for the virtual conference platform, need assistance with booth configuration and/or want ideas on how to best utilize the platform to achieve your desired event outcomes, please contact:

Becky Nations
VP, Sales & Marketing
Office Phone:  501-907-2262 / Cell:  501-680-3201
Email:  bnations@acmaweb.org